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Awin Magento Extension Installation - Secure Shell Protocol/Command Line

Please note: if your Magento store version is 2.3.'X' or below, please use this guide instead: Awin Access Technical Integration Magento 2.0

Magento have announced the deprecation of the "Web Setup Wizard" from versions 2.3.6 onwards. This section of the admin dashboard will be completely removed from Magento store versions 2.4.0 onwards. As an alternative (suggested by Magento), you will need to use SSH/Command Line to install any extension onto your Magento store.

Please also see: Magento FAQs for any common issues you may encounter.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can install the Awin Tracking extension, using this method.

What you need: FTP software (e.g. FileZilla) or Web Hosting Server with Command Line capability.


Step One: Downloading the Awin extension

1. Go to Magento Marketplace and search for 'Awin'. Select and 'purchase' the Awin Tracking extension version that corresponds to your Magento store version (the extension is free - no payment details required).

2. Once purchased, download the extension, save the .zip file onto your desktop and extract the file.

Step Two: Connecting to your website

Please connect/login to your server via FTP client e.g. FileZilla or Web Hosting Server.

Step Three: Setting up the folder structure

1. On your FTP client or Hosting Server, Go to: htdocs (sometimes referred to as 'public_html')>>app. Please note, the folder htdocs can be in different locations. Tip to find: search for the folder 'app' and 'vendor'.

2. Create the following folders within each other like so: app>>code>>Awin>>AdvertiserTracking. The folder structure is case-sensitive so please ensure you create them exactly as shown below. File:Folderstructuremagento.gif

Step Four: Transferring the Awin extension files to your server

1. Now go into the Awin extension folder and copy the contents. Please note, do not copy the actual folder, only the contents.

As seen above, you do not copy the main folder but everything else inside should be transferred to your server. If this is not done correctly, the plugin will not work.

Step Five: Installing the extension with Command Line

1. Using the Command Line, connect to your SSH server.

2. Once connected, use the following command to go to htdocs (folder may vary): cd ~/apps/magento/htdocs

3. Turn on 'maintenance mode': sudo bin/magento-cli maintenance:enable

4. Turn off cache: sudo bin/magento-cli cache:disable

5. Enable the Awin extension: sudo bin/magento-cli module:enable Awin_AdvertiserTracking

6. Check for updates: sudo bin/magento-cli setup:upgrade - Please be patient, this step could take up to 2 minutes.

7. Turn on cache: sudo bin/magento-cli cache:enable

8. Turn off 'maintenance mode': sudo bin/magento-cli maintenance:disable

9. Now to finally configure the extension; go to your website's admin dashboard and select Marketing>Awin - Advertiser Tracking>General Settings. Type in your Advertiser ID and click 'Save Config'.

The Awin tracking extension should now be fully configured and you can move on to testing the tracking (as per your Awin tech contact's instructions).


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