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Google Tag Manager Plugin

About this Guide

This guide was produced as an example of the steps that could potentially be followed to implement the Awin tracking code into Google Tag Manager and as a method of demoing such an implementation. The variables, macros, rules and tags also do not reflect a finished implementation.

Awin will not claim any responsibility for the actual implementation through the use of Google Tag Manager.

Advised assistance can be found on the Google Tag Manager Community Pages[1].

[+] GTM Container and Variables

These steps are mandatory for configuring your data variables that will be used with Google Tag Manager and in order to place the container tag code on your website.

[+] GTM Conditional Firing

Here we demonstrate some solutions to achieve a conditionally triggered Awin setup with Google Tag Manager.

[+] GTM Unconditional Firing

This section demonstrates some ideas on how to configure the plugin and Google Tag Manager settings, to allow for unconditionally fired Awin tracking tags.

[+] Configuring a Manual GTM Setup

Pior to the release of the Awin plugin within Google Tag Manager, a more advanced manual configuration of the raw tracking code was required. This guide is for further reading should you want to look at the options around further manual configurement.

Versions and Testing

When you have implemented all of the required functionality into the Tag Manager interface, click on the arrow next to ‘publish’ button in the top right of the interface, scroll down and click the “Create Version” button. You can click the ‘Preview’ button to preview and debug the current version before setting it live. While this option is selected your website will have an overlay which will tell you when each tag fires to aid with debugging.

When you are ready to set the code live and start tracking, hit the “Publish” button to set the tags live.


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