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The migration from ShopWindow v2 to v3 Community Edition is a fast and simple process, all you have to do is follow the following steps:


Download the updated files

All the files necessary are available for download here:


These files allow you to update your client running ShopWindow v2, making it compatible with the new v3 ProductServe API.

Replace the existing classes directory

The classes folder in the downloaded file contains the latest versions of the client classes which are necessary to make the v3 ShopWindow Client software work.

You need to replace the existing directory with the updated version in order for your client to be compatible with the v3 API.

Create a writable cache directory

In your root directory (where your constants.inc.php is located) you need to create a new directory named 'cache' with write permissions set to writable and readable (777). This allows the client to cache API calls, meaning you save on valuable API call quotas.

Update the constants.inc.php file as follows:

Version: Client Software v2


   define('API_USERID', 	'!!!aid!!!');
   define('API_USERPASS', 	'!!!password!!!');
   define('API_USERTYPE', 	'affiliate');
   define('API_WSDL', 		'http://api.productserve.com/v2/ProductServeService?wsdl');
   define('API_NAMESPACE', 'http://api.productserve.com/');
Version: Client Software v3


   define('API_KEY',   '!!!API KEY!!!');
   define('API_WSDL',      'http://v3.core.com.productserve.com/ProductServeService.wsdl');
   define('API_NAMESPACE', 'http://v3.core.com.productserve.com/');
    # Start the session
     * Site Cache (Seperate to smarty cache, which we suggest you activate as per
     * documentation)
    define('CACHE_ENABLED', true);
    define('CACHE_LOCATION', 'cache/');
    define('CACHE_LIFETIME', 3600);
     * Sorting mode. This will change the way your results are sorted before being
     * returned. Please refer to
     * documentation before changing these values.
     * WARNING: Changing API Sort Mode may slow down your queries.
     * Only use modes you require.
    define('API_SORT_MODE', 'all');

Replace status.php

You then need to replace the status.php file in your root directory with the file contained in the downloaded folder.


Congratulations!! Your ShopWindow Client should now work with the new v3 API!

Please note:

The changes listed above are designed to get v2 installs working with v3. There are some extra features that are missing such as our enhanced robot blocker and upgrades to Smarty. If you require all the extra features I would suggest downloading the latest client and re-modifying.


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