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Expedited Publisher Signup FAQ

Effective April 21, 2020, Amazon applied drastic cuts to commission rates for affiliates, also known as publishers, in which some product categories suffered more than 50% decline. Responding to the influx of publishers willing to switch to an affiliate network, we've curated a list of frequently asked questions to help new publishers looking to get started with Awin, as well as for existing Awin publishers looking to replace lost revenue with Amazon as soon as possible.


Before you begin

New in Awin: how to expedite your application

If you are completely new to Awin, find out how to sign up and expedite your approval process. You can then follow the Five Simple Steps of Becoming a Successful Awin Pubisher or download our Extensive Awin Welcome Pack for a more detailed walk through.

Existing Awin Publisher: how to fast-track advertiser approval

If you already have an Awin publisher account, jump to the Five Simple Steps of Becoming a Successful Awin Publisher section and find out how you can fast track the process of getting approval from advertisers.

Why should I switch from Amazon to Awin?

  • Higher commission rate: the commission from affiliate programmes will generally be better than what Amazon will now be paying. Switching to Awin provides an effective solution if you are impacted by Amazon's commission cut and/or are in the low-paying categories.
  • Longer cookie duration: Amazon offers a 24-hour cookie duration, whereas many advertisers on Awin offer you a 30-day cookie period or longer, which means a higher chance of converting and earning more.
  • Faster and more frequent payment: we offer up to twice a month pay outs with a minimum threshold of 20USD/€/GBP. More than 50% of advertisers on Awin are on accelerated payments, which means that commissions will be paid to publishers directly with their next payment date as soon as sales are validated. More information on the Awin payment process here.

    What advertisers and products are available in Awin?

    You can find an overview of advertiser programmes we have on the Awin website (for other regions, simply change the flag on the top right then search Publishers > Advertiser Directory). This is just a snippet though, you will have programmes information, including commission rate, EPC and other details upon signing up to Awin.
    We have also developed a Product Availability Report where you can find alternative retailers for the products you’re promoting and quickly gather product links (currently US and UK only).
    If you have any doubts or need a more bespoke recommendation, please get in touch with the Awin Publisher Success team with the following information: Awin Publisher ID, advertisers and/or products you you’re interested in and the regions of promotions.

    Great, I'm interested in joining. How do I sign up?
    Check out the Signing up to Awin section below and find out how you can expedite your application.

    I’m not interested. I don’t think Awin is suitable for me. We’re always open to feedback and hearing how we can improve our offering. If you’d like to share why you don’t think Awin is suitable for you, share your feedback here.

    Signing Up to Awin

    Good news. If you are an amazon affiliate looking to switch links to Awin, we can fast track your approval. Click here to find out how.

    So I've registered, what's next?
    Great, we are happy to have you onboard. Check out the Five Simple Steps of Becoming a Successful Affiliate.

    Five Simple Steps of Becoming a Successful Awin Publisher

    Step 1: Complete your publisher profile.

    Your publisher profile gives you the unique opportunity to present your comprehensive business profile to encourage advertisers to work with you. Each publisher with a complete publisher profile will be presented to advertisers in the Publisher Directory. Check out how to create the first good impression through a good publisher profile.

    Step 2: Join advertiser programmes.

    Now you are ready to apply to programmes you want to work with. Use the Programme Directory to find the most attractive programmes. Find out more about applying to programmes and also completing your payment details here.
    > Tip: You can also apply for expedited advertiser's approval through this form.

    Step 3: Install the Publisher Mastertag.

    The Awin Publisher MasterTag allows you to access and enable technology from Awin and our partners which help you optimise your affiliate earnings. Once you install the Awin Publisher MasterTag on your website, make sure to turn on Convert-A-Link and Bounceless tracking. More about Publisher Mastertag here.

    Step 4: Promote relevant products and services.

    To get commission from the advertisers you are promoting, you need to get the affiliate links to display on your site. Awin offers multiple promotional methods which you can use depending on how you’d like to display your promotion, whether via product feeds, display banners, vouchers and custom link (deeplink).

    Building affiliate links

    If you are a content provider (influencer, editorial) and would like to promote individual/ specific products, you need to take the product links taken from the advertiser’s website and transform them into affiliate links. Find out to do this here.
    > Tip: you can skip the tedious task of creating link and maximise your revenue by activating our automatic link conversion tool Convert-a-Link.
    > Tip 2: install MyAwin, a bookmarklet tool which can instantly provide deeplinks to whichever merchant product page you are on; both are just as easy to use as the Amazon affiliate bar.

    Promotion using Product Feed/ Datafeed

    If you offer price or product comparison and would to link to numerous, different products without having to generate a deeplink for each, you can get an entire list of products and advertiser offers (includes the name, description, price, and a deeplink to that product page) via Create-a-feed or Product Feed List Download.

    (New) Product Availability Report

    We’ve launched a new dynamic Product Availability report that allows you to find alternative retailers for the products you’re promoting and quickly gather product links with affiliate tracking already applied.

    Step 5: Track your performance.

    Awin offers multiple different reports to help you better understand your performance. Find the details on how to navigate Awin reporting here.

    So you’re all set. See tips on how to further optimise your performance and other helpful resources in the below section.

    Other helpful resources.

    How to Maximise Publisher Revenues
    Manage and promote all of your opportunities on the Awin platform with Opportunity Marketplace.
    Understanding the payment process.
    Publisher FAQs

    Still have questions?
    Get in touch with the Awin Publisher Success team

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