DACH affilinet platform closure FAQs

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Important information for Advertisers migrating from affilinet to Awin


Key dates - affilinet platform closure

DACH affilinet platform closure FAQ's

What is the last date I can migrate to Awin from affilinet?

The last possible date you can migrate from affilinet to Awin is 30 September 2019 unless otherwise agreed.

What is happening to the affilinet platform on 30 September 2019?

Monday 30 September is the last trading day of the affilinet platform. From 01 October, no new transactions will appear in your affilinet program. If you have migrated to Awin, all transactions which are generated via affilinet tracking links and where a publisher partnership is valid, will be forwarded to your new program. You will be able to identify any transactions generated via affilinet tracking in "custom parameter 10. affilinet" within your transaction list.

You will have until 24 October to validate open transactions on your affilinet account.

From 25 October onward, any open transaction you have not been able to validate on your affilinet program will be transferred to your Awin program. You will then be free to accept, amend or decline these orders on Awin via your normal validation process. Please note, all original order dates will be respected in line with any auto-validation period you have on your program.

You will receive the final invoice to settle the balance of your affilinet program in early November.


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