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Banners are an important branding tool for advertisers and strong banner creative can drive click through and most importantly sales for your publisher programme. It is important to note that we always require gif images and recommend at least two sets - one promotional and one generic.

When producing your banner creative there are 4 important areas of consideration:

• File size

• Call to Action

• Animation

• Ad Copy

Call to Action

Having a clear call to action can help to improve the CTR (click through rate) of a banner. Using a instruction such as "click here" or "sign up now".


Banners with moving elements can attract the eye a lot more than static banners do.

It is advisable that you animate messages clearly over 4-5 frames, maximising the height and width for the copy so that is easy to read.

Consider the speed of the animation once complete, it shouldn't be too fast so that it’s illegible or too slow that it’s painful to watch!


Always ensure you have good ad copy in your banner, lots of elaborate animation and images won't necessarily entice a potential customer to click, they will simply get the attention on the visitor.

It is the actual text that will get people wanting to visit your site. Try to emphasis the benefits, not features of your product or service. Tell people how your product will make their life easier. Keep your wording short and concise.


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