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Adjust App Tracking for Awin Access

Key Features & Limitations

  • Integration can be done by using the module, where postbacks are set globally or via dynamic setup by appending the Awin postback within a callback parameter in the Adjust click tracker
  • Dynamic setup is not suitable for In-App purchase event as order reference can’t be passed through the Awin postback
  • Commission Group can be populated with a breakdown i.e. commissionGroup1:amount1|commissionGroup2:amount2|commissionGroup3:amount3

Integration Steps

1. Advertiser to implement the SDK and integrate Partner ParametersorderId and cg (sale amount is passed through by default)

orderId parameter to be populated with order reference

ADJEvent *event = [ADJEvent eventWithEventToken:@"abc123"];

[event addPartnerParameter:@"orderId" value:@"ord23888882"];

[Adjust trackEvent:event];

cg parameter to be populated with commissionGroup:amount or with a breakdown commissionGroup1:amount1|commissionGroup2:amount2|commissionGroup3:amount3

ADJEvent *event = [ADJEvent eventWithEventToken:@"abc123"];

[event addPartnerParameter:@"cg" value:@"commissionGroup:amount"];

[Adjust trackEvent:event];

Note: in case order reference and commission group are already configured with different parameter names to orderId and cg in Partner Parameters then Parameter Mapping should be used to pass these value as order reference and commission group to Awin.

2. Advertiser to enable and configure the Awin module

3. Awin technical contact to create Install commission group in the Awin platform and provide it to Advertiser. Enter Install commission group in Awin module in INSTALL CID field

4. Create revenue event in the Adjust Dashboard

5. In the Awin module enable In-App Revenue and Parameter Forwarding to pass sale amount, order reference and commission group through the Awin postback

6. Additionally use event linking to link the revenue event to Awin and link any other in-app event need transmitting to Awin

7. Create a tracking link for Revenue Events

Create a Tracking Link!!!dateDAY!!!&creative=!!!affid!!!&awin_click_id=!!!awc!!!&awin_program_code=1001&deep_link=example-app-uk%3A%2F%2Fhome&redirect=!!!redirectURL!!!

Required parameters to be added to the Adjust tracking link

Parameter Requirements
awin_click_id=!!!awc!!! Mandatory - AWC
awin_program_code={awin_advertiser_id} Mandatory - Mandatory - Awin Merchant ID (MID)
!!!id!!! Mandatory - Adjust campaign structure parameters to be populated with Awin Publisher ID (PID)
!!!dateDAY!!! Mandatory - Adjust campaign structure parameters to be populated with !!!dateDAY!! to receive the first click of the day from the last publisher (touchpoint)
deep_link Allow to deeplink to a specific page within the app. URI must be encoded
redirect=!!!redirectURL!!! Fallback to a specific URL when the app is not installed. URL must be encoded


Default link behaviour

  • If app is not installed user will be sent to the app store
  • If app is installed and supports deeplinking, Adjust will open the app. Note: there is a general limitation when it comes to app to app deeplinking on iOS devices and a redirect is in use. In case the Awin tracking link is placed within the app and it re-directs to the Adjust tracking link, user will default to the mobile site.

Custom link behaviour

  • Fallback to a specific url when the app is not installed can be achieved by adding a redirect parameter to the Adjust tracking link. URL must be encoded.
  • Deeplink to a specific page within the app (URI) can be achieved by adding deep_link parameter to Adjust tracking link. URI must be encoded.


Adjust attributes based on the first click of the last partner.

Set Attribution metrics

  • Re-attribution window should match the Awin cookie length
  • Inactivity period should be set to 0
  • In order to receive first click of the day from the last publisher, the Advertiser should populate Adjust campaign structure parameters with the following Awin placeholders !!!id!!! and !!!dateDAY!!!


INSTALL Postback{{awin_program_code}}&amount=1&ref={adid}&parts={installCID}:1&testmode=0&cks={{awin_click_id}}&p1={adid}&p2={os_name}&p30=adjust

IN-APP PURCHASE Postback{{awin_program_code}}&amount={{revenue_float}}&ref={{orderId}}&parts={{cg}}&testmode=0&cks={{awin_click_id}}&cr={currency}&vc={vc}&p1={adid}&p2={os_name}&p30=adjust

Testing app tracking

Once you have successfully integrated your app contact with your account name and Advertiser ID to confirm you’ve completed the tracking setup for Mobile Application. A member of the team will be able to provide a test transaction link and further instructions on how to test your app tracking.


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