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Awin Technical Integration Guide For Advertisers utilising: Wix


Step one: Getting Google Tag Manager


If you haven't used Google Tag Manager before, you'll need to create a Google Tag Manager account for your site on - you'll require a Google account in order to do this.

Implementing the Container Code

Implement Google Tag Manager onto your site as shown by the Wix Help Center:

Step two: Configuring Google Tag Manager

Awin container installation

1. Download the Awin Access Wix container
2. On your Google Tag Manager account, navigate to Admin > Import Container
3. Select the downloaded Awin Container, upload it, and press confirm

Note: If you choose to 'Overwrite', your existing GTM tags will be deleted.

Configure the Conversion Tag

1. Select the Variables tab
2. Open the Advertiser ID variable and replace the '-' with your Advertiser ID (provided to you by the Integrations team)

Step three: Publishing Tags Within Google Tag Manager

When you have implemented all of the required functionality into the Tag Manager interface, click Publish to apply the changes to your site.

Last Step - Tracking Tests

After integrating the Awin tracking you will need to create a test transaction via the Awin User Interface to check the tracking is working correctly.

Complete the steps to conduct a test transaction via our Test Transaction Guide

Return to tracking guide home page here


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