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Awin Gold Standard

The Awin Gold Standard is awarded to Advertisers who meet the Gold Standard criteria, such as using Awin’s optimal tracking set-up, having a fair commission structure, and offering Accelerated Payments.

These criteria are designed to provide the best possible experience for Publishers, which usually leads to improved performance and a promising partnership.

Publishers can easily find Gold Standard Advertisers to work with by looking for the golden badges shown in the Advertiser Directory and on Advertiser profiles.

Advertiser Profile with Gold Standard badge
Advertiser Directory listing
Advertiser Directory filter

Gold Standard Criteria

Accelerated Payments

The Advertiser programme must offer Accelerated Payments and be on Awin's Green Payment Status. This means that approved commissions will be paid to Publishers directly with their next payment.

Transaction Validation

The Advertiser must validate all transactions within their contracted validation period. (The validation period is typically 28 days, but this depends on the programme. For example, Travel and Finance sector programmes may have extended validation periods.)

Optimal Tracking

The Advertiser must use Awin’s optimal tracking solution to protect against browser privacy restrictions. This includes integrating:

  • The Awin MasterTag on all pages GUIDE
  • Unconditional Tracking
  • Server to Server tracking (S2S) GUIDE
  • App tracking (where a transactional app exists) GUIDE

Fair Commission Structure

The Advertiser must award commissions for all legitimate, confirmed transactions. This means there should be no zero value commission groups, products, or customer categories.

Transparent De-duplication

The Advertiser’s de-duping policy must adhere to the Awin best practice guidelines and they must publish the details on their profile for full transparency.

Please Note: The Awin Gold Standard criteria were created with the help of an independent Publisher Board. We regularly review both the criteria and the Gold Standard Advertisers to make sure they’re in line with current trends and technologies.

Advantages for Publishers working with Gold Standard Advertisers

All of the Gold Standard criteria are designed to provide the best possible experience for Publishers. With a fair de-duplication policy and the optimal tracking set-up, Publishers can be confident that referred sales will be tracked successfully. With no zero-commission rates allowed, approved sales will always earn commissions for the Publisher and be paid out the shortest possible time-frame thanks to Accelerated Payments.

Advantages for Gold Standard Advertisers

Gold Standard Advertisers can expect more Publisher applications to join their programme than competing brands without the certification. This happens for a few reasons. Firstly, Publishers prefer working with Gold Standard Advertisers because of the advantages the Gold Standard brings. Secondly, Gold Standard Advertisers stand out compared to their competitors because of a golden badge on their profile that highlights the benefits of working with them. Thirdly, the Gold Standard filter in the Advertiser Directory makes it easier for Publishers to find Gold Standard Advertisers when they’re looking for programmes to join.

As more Publishers join their programme, Gold Standard Advertisers could see their brand being advertised in more places with better pricing options. They could also see increased performance through better Publisher relationships thanks to the benefits the Gold Standard brings to Publishers. Each of the Gold Standard criteria also bring additional benefits to the Advertisers. For example, in a recent article, we explained how brands using accelerated payments see a sales growth of 80% on average, compared to just 25% for those that don’t.

How to Apply for the Awin Gold Standard

If you think your programme meets the Gold Standard criteria or if you'd like to know your current progress, please fill out the form here. The Awin team will then be in touch to let you know whether your programme has been successful or what more needs to be done in order to get there.

Please note: Advertisers are subject to future reviews to keep the Gold Standard.


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