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Cross Device Tracking

Awin's Cross Device Tracking solution allows advertisers to reward publishers for multi-device journey transactions. The ability to track cross-device will give advertisers true understanding of how the performance channel drives customers, where previously anybody interacting with the channel across more than one device was instantly lost.

This solution now allows Awin to reward publishers for multi-device purchasing journeys, functionality that has been missing from the industry since users started to consume the internet on multiple devices.

How Does Cross Device Work?

Our cross device tracking solution works by creating a unique and anonymous ‘profile’ when the consumer is shopping on the advertiser’s website. To help us build these profiles, the advertiser’s site needs to pass Awin an encrypted piece of data, which we call user-id.

The user-id is normally the email address that the user enters to login to the advertiser’s site. It is hashed (encrypted in a way that can't be reversed) before it leaves the advertiser’s site and can never be used by Awin or any associated company to identify the person.

Once the advertiser site is passing the 'encrypted' user ids, our tracking software will associate devices with the same profile and where applicable, record transactions that are made by a user across multiple devices. The solution allows us to understand when a user has interacted with an advertiser’s site via a publisher link, and then purchased via another device within a programme's defined cookie duration.

How do I activate Cross Device Tracking?

Existing Advertisers/Integrations

If you're an existing Advertiser then please contact your usual account representative to enable the Cross Device Tracking solution.

New Advertisers/Integrations

If you are a new advertiser who implements our MasterTag on every page of your website and use unconditional tracking (see below) then we'll activate cross device tracking for you by default. If you've got any questions about this or want to opt-out then please speak to your technical contact.

Tracking Implementation

Follow our standard implementation guide, which can be found here.

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