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Publisher Performance Report

The Publisher Performance Report allows advertisers to generate a report detailing the performance of the publishers that are promoting their brand. It allows advertisers to discover who their top performing publishers were over certain time periods.

Added to that looking at an individual publisher's performance can help an advertiser know which publishers they should be working to build relationships with.

It can also help in ascertaining which publishers are inactive on the programme and may need to be incentivised to begin producing results.

The report can be viewed in several ways, such as showing data specific to one publisher, or drilling down to transaction levels for specific publishers.

Report Options

Period This option allows you to select a specific date period such as Quarter To Date or Last Year to save time
From This option defines the start date of your report
To This option defines the end date of your report
Based On This option defines whether the report should be based on the date the customer's transaction was made, or the date the commission was validated by the advertiser
Publisher Filter This option allows you to filter the results by particular publishers (maximum 25)

Column Headings

The table can be sorted into ascending or descending order by clicking on any of the column headings. Below is brief explanation of each column:

ID This column refers to the publishers's unique ID number
Promo Type This refers to the category or type of publisher that is promoting you
Name This column refers to the Company Name that the publisher uses to promote their business
Imp. This column specifies the number of impressions that have been generated for the advertiser on that specific date
Clicks This column specifies the number of clicks that have been referred to the advertiser site on a given date
Conversion Rate The number of sales divided by the number of clicks. This figure represents the percentage of people who go on to purchase after clicking on a publishers link.
Default CG Commission This column refers to the default commission group percentage or amount that the publisher will receive when generating a sale. It's possible for advertisers to have several commission groups.
Default CG Level Similar to the Default CG Commission this column refers to which tier the publisher will be paid in. This is only applicable when an advertiser has several levels or tiers in place.
Quantity This column specifies the number of transactions that have been driven by publisher to the advertisers site
Amount This column specifies the sales value of transactions driven for advertiser
AOV This column specifies the average amount of a basket value for each publisher
Commission This column specifies the amount of commission accrued as a result of the sales driven


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