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adMission: Awin's ad disclosure tool for publishers


Publishers are required to adhere to advertising laws. Some countries such as the UK and US require publishers to disclose to their audiences when links to products use affiliate links. They must explain the commercial relationship between themselves and brands they promote.

Very few publishers currently disclose their commercial relationships. Here is an example of a major UK publisher that has an explanation of how they generate revenue.

More information on the legal side of things can be found in the Regulatory Links section at the bottom of this page.

How adMission works

adMission is an exclusive Awin tool that offers a plug-and-play disclosure message for all your affiliate and commercial traffic.

It allows you to append every link on your website with a notifier such as ‘*’ or ‘#’ or ‘#ad’ as well as feature a page-level disclosure message that explains what the notifiers mean.

The tool is agnostic. It will automatically append Awin links when switched on and allows publishers to add other companies, networks and platforms they work with so that notifiers appear against all links, not just Awin’s. This makes it a universal industry tool accessible to all publishers we work with.

adMission requires the Publisher MasterTag to function. You can find out more about installing the Publisher MasterTag and other tools available through the tag in our wiki.

Activating adMission

In the Awin UI, navigate to the Publisher MasterTag page that can be found in the Toolbox menu. The plug-in is called adMission – Publisher Disclosure (by Awin).

Publisher MasterTag Dashboard

Before activating the plug-in, it is recommended to adjust the settings which can be done by clicking the cog. Once complete, you are ready to activate the plug-in by clicking the slider next to the cog. If needed, you can deactivate the plug-in any time by clicking again the slider.

Adjusting the adMission settings

Once you click the cog, the adMission settings box will open:

adMission Settings

1. Link Suffix Disclosure

Under Ad Transparency activate the Link suffix disclosure checkbox in order to automatically disclose all your affiliate links via a link suffix notifier. The default is *, however, this is customisable and can even display emojis and multiple characters e.g. 'ad', '#ad'.

The link suffix notifier will be added to all relevant links as defined by the 'Monetised Domains' textbox.

2. Page Disclosure

Activate the Page disclosure checkbox in order to automatically display a page-level disclosure text when sponsored or paid-for links are present on the page:

What text to be displayed is entirely up to you, it should informs users that a commercial agreement is in place. You simply need to add an element to your site template files.

In our example, we have placed the notification below the site navigation and above the main body of content.

<div id="awin-disclosure-plugin" style="display:none">Type your page-level disclosure here.</div>

Example adMission code

The element must have the id "awin-disclosure-plugin" and style "display:none".

The adMission plug-in will automatically display the disclosure for relevant links as defined by the 'Monetised Domains' textbox. The example also shows the CSS we used to style our disclosure.

The page-level disclosure will only be displayed on pages where a defined Monetised Domain is present.

3. SEO Disclosure

Under SEO Disclosure activate the Use rel="sponsored" link attribute checkbox in order to automatically add the rel=”sponsored” attribute to any link belonging to the domains in the monetised domains list. For more information on the relationship attribute please see Google's guide.

SEO disclosure and monetised domains

4. Monetised Domains

Links that belong to the domains specified under Monetised Domains will trigger the use of adMission. By default Awin tracking domains have been added but any tracking domain can be added here. Click Enter after each input in order to save the entered domains.

Once complete, click Save and you are ready to activate the plug-in by clicking the slider next to the cog. Once this is done adMission will be working on your site and can be deactivated at any time by clicking the slider to turn the plug-in off.

The adMission plug-in does not collect or store any data.

Legal Disclaimer

Use of adMission does not guarantee a publisher's compliance with its obligations under applicable law or advertising standards or under any agreements that the publisher has with Awin, nor does it preclude Awin from enforcing those obligations. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, adMission is provided without any warranty whatsoever as to its accuracy or fitness for purpose. Awin disclaims all liability in connection with adMission howsoever arising. By making use of the adMission disclosure tool, you acknowledge to Awin that you understand and accept this disclaimer.

Regulatory Links

UK - Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) [ASA affiliate marketing]

USA - Federal Trade Commission (FTC) [Disclosure FAQ]

Canada - Ad Standards [Disclosure Guidelines]


Due to new European legislation regarding how websites store information about you, AWIN is updating its privacy policy. You can see the new version of our policy here. If you would like to see the information we capture on this website, please click here for further details. In order to accept cookies on this site please click the 'I ACCEPT' button