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GET reports aggregated by campaign (for advertiser)

The campaign report aggregates clicks and transactions by campaign and publisher.

For all clicks and transactions within the selected time frame within a specific timezone, the result can be listed in intervals of days, months or years. The user can see the aggregation across multiple data points such as number of clicks, number of transactions, commission and total sale ammount. All transaction data are aggregated by commission status, such as pending or approved.

Who can use it

Users who have an advertiser account and publisher using the parameter "&campaign=" for clicks. Please see our page about Campaign Tracking and Reporting for further details.


You need to provide a valid token. Please see our page about authentication and authorization API authentication and authorization for further details.

How to call it


parameter format mandatory/optional description
startDate string,
ISO Date,
mandatory The given date is incl., greater than or equal.
endDate string,
ISO Date,
mandatory The given date is incl., greater than or equal
The max time span between startDate and endDate is 400 days
campaign string optional The value which was used in &campaign=.
The value needs to have at least 3 characters. Max number of characters is 128.
Returns a result based on a prefix search.
If empty on NA, aggregation goes over all data having a value in &campaign=.
timezone America/Sao_Paulo
optional default UTC
publisherIds integer array
comma separated list
optional One or more publisher ID.
The resultset will show you just the publisher accounts of your selection.
includeNumbersWithoutCampaign boolean (true, false) optional Default (false). By default the API just delivers numbers in case of a campaign was associated with the click or the transations.
If set to "true" the result will also incl. numbers from clicks and transaction without campaign parameter.
The parameter will BE ignored (default "false") once the parameter "campaign=" contains a valid value.
interval string (day, month, year) optional If set, numbers will be reported in sums per interval (day, month, year).

How the response looks

// request parameter
      "advertiserId" : [17590],
      "publisherIds" : [1234543,1267543],
      "startDate" : "2020-01-01",
      "endDate" : "2020-01-31",
      "campaign" : "compadi"
      "includeNumbersWithoutCampaign" : false,
      "timezone" : "UTC",
      "interval" : "day"
// result set

Which datafields do we provide

field name description
"date":"2020-09-01" field represents either the day, the month or the year, according to selected timeframe and interval
"publisherId":"1234543" ID of the publisher/ corresponding with publisherName
"publisherName":"whateverGmbH" Name of the publisher/ corresponding with publisherId
"campaign":"compadi" Value of campaign by which the result is aggregated
"quantity":{ "pending":0, "approved":44, "bonus":0, "total":44, "declined":25, "click":2123221} Number of transactions by commission status and clicks, "total" sums up approved, pending and bonus transactions
"saleAmount": { "pending": "0.00", "approved": "7504.58", "bonus": "0.00", "total": "7504.58", "declined": "4965.91"} Value of the transactions by commssion satus, "total" sums up approved, pending and bonus transactions
"commissionAmount": { "pending": "0.00", "approved": "675.39", "bonus": "0.00", "total": "675.39", "declined": "446.92"} Commissions of the transactions by commssion satus, "total" sums up approved, pending and bonus transactions


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