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The Click References Report shows Publishers the aggregated statistics based on the ClickRef used in click links. This allows Publishers to measure the performance of different linking methods or placement locations.

Please note:

  • This report only shows the first 50 characters of the passed ClickRef. ClickRefs longer than 50 characters will be aggregated together.
  • This report only shows the values passes in the standard 'ClickRef' and not additional ClickRefs (e.g. 'clickref2').
  • The 'Filter Advertiser' modal window is populated with Advertisers that the Publisher has an active membership with.
  • If you generate over 20,000 unique click references, the report will only give you the first 20,000 entries.

Report Options

Period This option allows you to select a specific date period such as Quarter To Date or Last Year to save time
From This option defines the start date of your report
To This option defines the end date of your report
Filter By ClickRef This option defines whether the report should be filtered by a specific ClickRef or not, please note that this field does not accept partial search
Filter By Advertiser This option allows you to filter the results by a particular Advertiser
Region This option is available if you have memberships with Advertisers in multiple regions. It allows you to see the performance of that region, in the associated currency (e.g. USD for the United States of America).

Column Headings

The table can be sorted into ascending or descending order by clicking on any of the column headings. Below is brief explanation of each column:

ID This column refers to the Advertiser's unique ID number
Advertiser This column refers to the Program Name that the Advertiser uses to promote their business
ClickRef This column refers to the unique reference stored for a link by the Publisher
Clicks Then number of times that this reference has received a click
Quantity This column specifies the number of transactions that have been driven by Publishers to the Advertiser site
Amount This column specifies the sales value of transactions driven for the Advertiser
Commission This column specifies the amount of commission accrued as a result of the sales driven


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