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Affiliate marketing offers a very fruitful return for those who have the time to invest in the channel. When starting out it can be difficult to generate significant levels of traffic and income, however by investing time wisely to the channel you will start to see results. As you progress to advanced publisher marketing strategies your publisher commissions can become quite substantial. Implementing an effective strategy through intelligent use of time and resource can help to significantly maximize results for your publisher marketing business.

There are two areas that can contribute to improving your performance as a publisher ; the first being how to generate traffic through activities such as SEO and paid search; the other being areas you as a publisher can look at addressing on a daily basis.

The below suggestions are focused on some of the non-traffic driving activities you can focus on to help improve performance and conversion.

Site usability: If your aim is to drive traffic to advertisers through your own site, then you need to make sure your site is easy to use. If you don't know how to build a website there are many services that offer simple website building programs for a small fee or you can hire someone to build a site for you. Improved usability leads to better conversion and increased commission. If you are promoting specific products, the use of deeplinks to product pages of an advertiser’s site is effective for improving customer usability and conversion. Deeplinks help to provide a smooth journey through the transaction process.

Provide quality content: Making your site interesting and informative can help differentiate you from other publisher s. Brands will perceive you as a partner who is adding value through the content you’re providing, and users will appreciate the unique content you provide. If you’re promoting specific products it pays to have an enthusiasm for that niche, as well as a sound knowledge in order to provide accurate and credible advice. Get involved in the industry

Join forums on the internet related to your products. It is important to make relevant posts. You will find an incredible amount of free, useful information and they are an indispensable resource. Being involved in topical discussions, and having a presence on reliable forums such the Affiliates 4u can also indicate how committed you are to the channel and build trust amongst advertisers. Signature links are also indexed by the search engines and will provide you better back links to your site thus increasing your ranking in the search engines and driving more traffic to your site.

Communication: Communication is a key element in becoming a successful publisher . Whether communicating with the network or the advertiser directly, relationships are paramount in understanding how to work best with individual advertisers. By developing relationships, you can ensure that you are kept informed of any changes an advertiser may be looking to implement, allowing you to voice any concerns you may have before changes are finalized. Direct relationships can help you to get potential issues addressed quickly minimising the loss of commissions. In a new and ever growing industry, being engaged will allow you to adapt and develop with it.

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