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Most publisher s are signed up to several (or thousands) of different programmes, and receive hundreds of emails each day from advertises extolling the virtues of their brand. How do you make sure your emails are being read, and giving you the best possible chance of exposure?

First, if using News Manager, always use Internet Explorer as your browser.


Don’t bombard publishers with emails. Try to do a weekly round-up of offers and codes, and send this on the same day each week, so the publsihers will know when they can update their sites. If you have something important to say, or are providing a cut-off date/time, make sure you send the email with as much notice as possible.

Remember it doesn’t go straight out – the AW team have to approve it first – so make sure you always submit your emails before 5.30pm on weekdays or they might not go out till the morning/after the weekend!


The title of the email is the first thing a publisher will see – keep it simple and clear. Always include the name of your brand, and explain what is in the email e.g. ‘Currys: Top Offers and New Voucher Codes’ or ‘Boots: New Christmas Creative Available’

If you are emailing about something important, make sure you state this in the title – ‘Important: Kitbag Terms and Conditions Changes’ or ‘Important: Vodafone PPC Policy Update’


Put your logo at the top of every communication you send out – this will help publishers identify you and your brand quickly and easily. Use the !!!name!!! function in news manager. Writing ‘Dear !!!name!!!,’ will address your email to the name of each publisher you are emailing.

SPELLCHECK! Have a quick read through your email before your send it out. Check spellings, especially of any copy that you are providing publishers with, or on products you are hoping they will promote. Often publishers will copy and paste exactly what you write, so if you make a typo in your voucher code, there will be a lot of unhappy customers out there.

Use a clear font and space out what you are saying so it isn’t just one block of text. If you are talking about creative, provide an example of it. If you are talking about specific products, provide images. If you are providing images, make sure they aren’t too big or too small.

Voucher Codes

If you are providing publishers with a voucher code, make sure you tell them the following bits of information:

• What the code is

• Date/time it’s valid from

• Date/time it expires

• What the code entitles the customer to

• Any terms and conditions attached to the code. E.g. ‘Not valid with any other offer’ or ‘Code for new customers only’

Make sure you also put the code into the ‘Discount Vouchers’ section of your AW account – this means it will be sent out to key voucher code publishers each week.


Make sure you provide AW deeplinks for each offer/product you feature. This makes it easier for publishers to quickly put your products on their site. By using the !!!id!!! function in news manager you can create personalised deeplinks for each publisher you email.

Product Information

If providing publishers with a list of hot products/top offers/bestsellers, provide as much information as you can without going overboard. The minimum provided should be the name of the product, price and a deeplink to the right page on your site.

If possible, provide an image of the product/creative to support the offer, and a short piece of copy the publisher can use to promote it.

A good example would be: Deal of the Day


£29.99 - RRP: £39.99 - You save: £10.00 - Free Delivery

On the heels of winning 25 international gaming awards with FIFA 09, the top-selling football franchise from EA Sports is surpassed with FIFA 10. Responding to consumer feedback from more than 275 million online games played, FIFA 10 refines an already potent game engine, focusing on what matter most to fans.

Awin Deeplink:!!!id!!!&p=


When providing list of products or offers, try to present them in an easily readable format. You can copy and paste tables from Excel into News Manager – this is a great way to present details of offers in a concise format.


Make sure you end each email with contact details – either for the AW account manager or the advertiser publisher manager. The more contact details the better – email, phone, msn.

Lastly, think about what kind of emails you like to receive. What are you most likely to read? What will you always delete? Chances are your publishers will do the same – make sure your emails are engaging and informative, and you should see a real improvement in your campaign.


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