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The 'getMerchantProduct' API request will return a requested product using an advertisers unique product id. This is NOT the ProductServe product id. This is a unique function that is very rarely used. If you are unsure of its use, it is suggested you make use of the GetProduct function instead.




iMerchantId required

The ID of the advertiser

Value Type: int

sMerchantProductId required

The product ID for the selected advertiser

Value Type: string

iAdult optional

Allow adult content

Value Type: int

sColumnToReturn optional

Columns to return with each product. By default only required columns are returned. Add as many columns as you require from the Product_PSAPI data type to your API call to get more data.

Value Type: string/array
Example: array('sBrand','sDescription')



Objects for any returned products

Value Type: Product

Example Request (parameters)

$aParams6 = array("iMerchantId"	=> 3712, "sMerchantProductId" => "0007198728");

$oResponse = $oClient->call('getMerchantProduct',$aParams6);

Example Response

stdClass Object
    [oProduct] => stdClass Object
            [iId] => 198151171
            [iCategoryId] => 538
            [iMerchantId] => 3712
            [sMerchantProductId] => 0007198728
            [iAdult] => 0
            [sName] => Little Britain: The Complete Scripts and Stuff: Series Two
            [sAwDeepLink] => ...
            [sAwThumbUrl] =>
            [fPrice] => 11.49



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