Do Publishers Get Commission on Cancelled Orders?

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The initial response to this question is no. Advertisers do not have to pay publisher commissions on orders that are cancelled by the customer or are deemed to be invalid.

In an effort to prevent any confusion, it is a good practice for advertisers to clarify in their Terms and Conditions that publisher s are only compensated for valid sales/orders/subscriptions/leads as well as stating exactly what “valid” means.

Additionally, it is good practice to ensure that it is not possible for customers to purchase items that are out of stock. Make sure that sold-out items are removed from the website and data-feed or listed as out of stock at time of purchase.

Examples of publisher transactions that would need to be declined:

Customer Behaviour

• Payment authorization failed

• Fraudulent sale

• Returned order or unclaimed shipment

• Repeated (duplicate) order

• Cancelled order

Affiliate Behaviour

• Fraudulent transaction

• Test transaction

• Self-referral (if you’ve specified in your T’s and C’s that you do not allow it)

Merchant Behaviour/Circumstances

• Test transaction

• Order non-fulfilment

This list is non-exhaustive and will vary depending upon the publisher programme.

Bear in mind that publisher s reserve the right to request proof of the above. Advertisers should try to be as responsive as possible as leaving these queries unattended can diminish the publisher ’s trust in the advertiser and the transparency of their publisher program.


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