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Overview & Brief

As a veteran to the publisher channel with nearly 10 years experience, Prezzybox has consistently been commended for their innovative approach, earning five PerformanceIN Awards over the past three years, in addition to being voted the IMRG Retail Website of the year in 2009.

The quirky gift and gadget retailer has always been an advocate of producing co-branded landing pages for their publisher partners. A co-branded landing page is a specific page that visitors reach which features the logo and additional details of the publisher website they have been referred from; this helps to reassure the customer that a relationship is in place between the two sites and that the link was in no way malicious. The creation of these pages for top loyalty sites has proven to increase conversion rates, providing a mutually beneficial relationship for both the retailer and publisher partner.

Strategy & Execution:

Historically Prezzybox had, upon request, provided every publisher with a bespoke co-branded landing page featuring stretch and save voucher codes. Although this approach worked well for them in the past, with the growing prominence of voucher code sites, combined with the initiative of other advertisers and their voucher code strategies, Prezzybox felt that vouchers had not only lost their impact but no longer provided anything positive to the publisher partners who were actively promoting them.

With Hitwise reports continuing to demonstrate a consumer demand for online discount codes, the decision was made not to remove this popular promotional tool, but instead revise it. To reflect this, company founder Zak Edwards introduced a new and improved voucher code scheme, offering a variety of codes, including percentage off vouchers and higher value stretch and save discounts. Coupled with a higher level of monitoring and the ability to control related commissions, voucher codes now serve their purpose by proving to be an effective and valuable asset to the Prezzybox programme.


In the current economic climate marketers continue to focus on ROI. 2009 was Prezzybox’s most successful year in publisher marketing to date; they recorded a 42% year-on-year increase in publisher transactions and an astonishing 62.5% growth in publisher generated revenue. Their innovative method of cleverly combining bespoke landing pages and voucher codes has been credited as the key factor behind this significant uplift.

Using a standard landing page, TopCashBack had an average conversion of 8.56% across a 6 month period. Following the introduction of a co-branded landing page and bespoke code, the conversion rate increased to a staggering 23.21% in just one month. This increase did not even reflect the Christmas season as the figures listed were generated in ‘off peak’ months.

Continuing this trend, from April – July 2009 MyVoucherCodes reported a 2.5% conversion on the Prezzybox programme without the use of a landing page. For the exact same period in 2010, the conversion jumped to 10.9% through the implementation of a bespoke landing page.

Finally, Nectar achieved a 4.8% conversion between March – June 2009 with an older version of a co-branded landing page, however following revisions the conversion increased to 5.2% for the same timeframe in 2010.

These figures prove the value that a bespoke strategy for loyalty, reward and cashback publishers can have and the positive impact strategically issued voucher codes can have.

Zak Edwards, Managing Director of Prezzybox said;It’s great to see our co-branded landing pages combined with voucher offers working so well for us and our publisher partners. Recently we’ve spent a lot of time and resource analyzing the impact of voucher codes in relation to ABV and general ROI, and going forward hope to operate smarter and more dynamically with our Voucher Code offerings to the benefit of our publisher s and ourselves.


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