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Publisher Approval Process

The Publisher Approval process is the most significant when a program first launches as this is when the largest influx of new Publishers will sign up to promote an Advertiser program.

There are two methods for approving Publishers:

  • Auto Approval - Opting for this process means that all Publishers who request to join an Advertiser program are automatically accepted.
  • Manual Approval - Opting for this process involves the Advertiser manually going through each Publisher request to join their campaign and accepting or declining it based on whether they fit certain criteria set by the Advertiser.

Automated Process Manual Process
All Publisher types will be able to join the program Advertisers will have a greater control on brand placement
Advertisers have less control over how/where Publishers will promote their brand Recommended method if an Advertiser has restrictions on working with certain Publisher types
Publishers will be able to access links and start sending traffic quickly Greater administrative input due to additional Publisher vetting
Lower administrative input required from the Advertiser Recommend for all lead-based programs which are more susceptible to fraud

Publishers waiting to be approved can be found on the right of your dashboard:

You can then view the program’s details and approve/decline by clicking on the link:

  • If a Publisher is rejected, please provide feedback to help them understand the decision and share additional information if necessary.


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