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How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

Publisher approvals will normally take up to 24 hours to be processed unless the request is sent through on a weekend or bank holiday. Delays can occur if the submission is incomplete or if additional information is required.

Why might my application have been rejected?

An application may be rejected for one or more several reasons. The most common reasons for rejection are listed below:

  • We have been unable to authenticate your personal information (name and address)
  • The website URL that you provided is not live
  • You did not upload content regarding an email or PPC campaign to your application form
  • The description of your website is unclear
  • We were unable to find proof of your ownership of the domain URL submitted
  • Your site contains inappropriate, offensive or pornographic content
  • There was a problem processing the credit card details you supplied

    What are the requirements to get approved onto the Network?

    Publishers must complete the application in full with accurate and comprehensive information. You should provide the website you plan to use to promote our Advertisers and a description of how it works. If you are a PPC Publisher, you must provide information about your PPC campaigns you plan to use. Our Compliance Team will review the application and make additional checks to ensure it complies with our requirements.

    What should a Publisher do if they get rejected? (i.e. next steps, who to contact)

    Should your application be denied, please contact the Compliance Team at In the email please include your Awin ID, email address and website URL.
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