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We're offering a set of API calls that allow you to pull your transactions and aggregated reports.
The API uses REST as a standard, with oauth2 for authentication, and JSON as the default response data format.

How to access the API

The API is available via Please note that only https is supported, no forwarding from http is in place.
Before you can use it you need to create your own oauth2 token via
Please see the wiki page API authentication and authorization for further details.


To guarantee smooth operation for all our publishers and advertisers, we currently have a throttling in place that limits the number of API requests to 20 API calls per minute per user.

API requests



GET accounts

provides a list of accounts you have access to

GET publishers

provides a list of publishers you have an active relationship with

GET transactions (list)

provides a list of your individual transactions

GET transactions (by ID)

provides individual transactions by ID

GET reports aggregated by publisher

provides aggregated reports for the publishers you work with

GET reports aggregated by creative

provides aggregated reports for the creatives you used

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