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GET programmedetails

Publishers get a set of KPIs of the programmes they are working with, furthermore they additionally get the range of commission (across commissiongroups) they gets in the programmes.

Who can use it

publishers that have an active membership with a programme.

How to call it


Add the parameter 'accessToken' to provide your access key as described in API authentication and authorization.

How the response looks

  "programmeInfo": {
    "clickThroughUrl": "http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=1001&id=45628",
    "logoUrl": "http://www.affiliatewindow.com/logos/1001/logo.gif",
    "displayUrl": "https://www.example.com",
    "id": 1001,
    "name": "Example Advertiser",
    "currencyCode": "GBP",
    "primaryRegion": {
      "name": "United Kingdom",
      "countryCode": "GB"
    "validDomains": [
        "domain": "www.exampledomain1.com"
        "domain": "www.anotherexample.com"
        "domain": "www.example.com"
  "kpi": {
    "averagePaymentTime": "44",
    "approvalPercentage": 70.19,
    "epc": 0.47,
   "conversionRate": 2.09,
    "validationDays": 9,
    "awinIndex": 67.65
  "commissionRange": [
      "min": 0,
      "max": 50,
      "type": "amount"

Remark: if the programme has both fixed and percentage commission groups, the commission range contains two objects:

"commissionRange": [
    "min": 2,
    "max": 11,
    "type": "percentage"
    "min": 1.5,
    "max": 18,
    "type": "amount"

Which datafields do we provide

programmeInfo object:

field name description
id ID of the programme
name name of the programme
displayUrl URL of the advertiser
logoUrl URL to the logo of the programme
primaryRegion object that contains the name and the countryCode of the primary programme region
validDomains an object that contains domains from which the advertiser accepts transaction
currencyCode ISO code of the currency of the programme

kpi object:

field name description
approvalPercentage the approval percentage relates to the proportion of pending transactions which are then validated as approved
epc earnings per click
conversionRate the conversion rate is the total number of sales divided by the total number of clicks
validationDays the validation period represents the average amount of time an advertiser takes to validate pending transactions as either Approved or Declined
awinIndex a score out of hundred, calculated from an algorithm of EPC, approval percentage, conversion rate and validation period

commissionRange object:

field name description
min minimal commission across commission groups, either in percent or amount
max maximum commission across commission groups, either in percent or amount
type percentage or amount; for amount the value is in the currency of the programme (see programmeInfo object)


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