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GET commissionsharingrules

Service partners can pull a complete list of the commission sharing rules they have setup with their publishers.

Who can use it?

Service partners

How to call it


Add the parameter 'accessToken' to provide your access key as described in API authentication and authorization.

How the response looks

    "ruleId": 2031,
    "servicePartnerId": 12345,
    "publisherId": 54321,
    "servicePartnerShare": 94,
    "publisherShare": 6,
    "ruleTitle": "test",
    "created": "2018-08-06T14:49:09",
    "modified": "2018-08-06T14:49:09"
    "ruleId": 2032,
    "servicePartnerId": 12345,
    "publisherId": 55555,
    "servicePartnerShare": 10,
    "publisherShare": 90,
    "ruleTitle": "another test",
    "created": "2018-08-06T14:53:33",
    "modified": "2018-08-06T14:53:33"

Which datafields do we provide?

Field Name Description
ruleId ID of the commission sharing rule
servicePartnerId ID of the service partner
publisherID ID of the publisher
servicePartnerShare The commission that the service partner receives, in percent
publisherShare The commission that the publisher receives, in percent
ruleTitle The title or name of the commission sharing rule, as a string
created The date and time that the rule was created
modified The date and time that the rule was last modified


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