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Affiliate Profiles

An publisher profile can be viewed by all advertisers who have a Darwin user account.

There are strict permission levels for publisher s to use in order to control what information different types of users can see on their profile. This is to prevent certain information deemed as sensitive from being visible to certain users. Other types of users such as agencies do have access to publisher profiles and they have the same permission and access rights as an advertiser has.

What Advertisers can see on your publisher profile

If an publisher chooses to have contact information on their Darwin profile then that information is available to view by all advertisers regardless of whether the publisher is joined to their programme or not. However, publisher s can choose to remove the following information from displaying on their profile:

  • Address details
  • Contact details (business and personal)
  • Links - Twitter Username/URL - Blog URL
  • Advertiser logos displayed on the main page of the publisher profile
  • User contact information

If an publisher has more than one person working for their publisher business then they can pick and choose the contact information that is displayed on their profile of the users who have access to their publisher account.

How to edit permission and privacy settings

All account permissions and privacy settings can be controlled on the permissions/privacy page within the settings area. The settings area can be accessed by clicking on the 'cog' icon at the top of the page within the Darwin publisher account.


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