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Affiliate Window now offers it’s Affiliates a method ensuring that every time a transaction for the respective Affiliates link is made, the transaction data is forwarded to the custom logging system that the Affiliate may have. This allows close to real-time feedback direct to your system.

To access this option, there a few prerequisites:

  • To implement this successfully, you need to have a high level developer with an appreciation for what is given back to you, so that it can be customized into a format suitable for your system.

  • That support beyond explanation and activation is out of scope, given the various combinations of custom scenarios that may persist.

  • To use this function, you will need to have a Darwin User Account which is linked to the Affiliate ID, which holds respective permissions to edit this detail.

  • You will need to get this feature enabled by raising a ticket from your Affiliate Interface. Please note on the enabling of this feature, you might experience a minor delay in seeing the option explained below.

To Access

  1. When you log into Darwin, the first page you will come to is the Accounts Overview Page.

    From here in the respective Accounts Overview Box for the Affiliate Account In Question, click on Go To Darwin Account.

  2. From here, you will see several items in a menu bar across the top of your screen, please click on Links & Tools.

  3. This should trigger a dropdown, from which you should select Transaction Notification under the sub heading Web Services & APIs section.


  4. You will then be taken to the Transaction Notification page where you can set up the relevant details:


  5. As you can see, there are 3 bits of information to provide/select:

    • Call-back URL: This is the path to the script to which the relevant data will be sent . From here, your file will need to custom manage the data and parse it into the components of your system you deem necessary. This could for example be a PHP file on your respective domain, but our transaction notification is not just limited to PHP, but other technologies too.

    • Product Data: Tick this box if you wish for data about the actual products bought to be passed back. This is dependant on the advertiser implementing Product Level Tracking which may not always be the case.

    • Click Source Data: This will be data relating to the initial link clicked to begin the path for the transaction which occurred.

  6. Once you’ve entered the correct data, please click on Submit. You should then see a message notifying you that ‘Your Changes Have Been Successfully Saved’.

What To Expect

The next step would be to wait for transaction information to be sent back. A good test would be to correlate your findings with the interface activity, to see if they match up.

Please note the data is JSON encoded within the POST array under the key AwinTransactionPush

i.e. $_POST[‘AwinTransactionPush’] => {some JSON}

The Web Application script on your callback URL can then decode the JSON to get the data array, for example in PHP:


If you have any concerns on the performance of this feature, please contact Technical Services for a status update.


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