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[[FAQ_Affiliate_Guide|Beginner's Reference Guide]] |
[[FAQ_Publisher_Guide|Beginner's Reference Guide]] |
[[FAQ_Affiliate_Admin|Admin]] |
[[FAQ_Publisher_Admin|Admin]] |
[[FAQ_Affiliate_Interface|Interface]] |
[[FAQ_Publisher_Interface|Interface]] |
[[FAQ_Affiliate_Technical|Technical]] |
[[FAQ_Publisher_Technical|Technical]] |
[[FAQ_Affiliate_ShopWindow|ShopWindow]] |
[[FAQ_Publisher_ShopWindow|ShopWindow]] |
[[FAQ_Affiliate_ShopWindowCoding|ShopWindow Coding FAQ]] |
[[FAQ_Publisher_ShopWindowCoding|ShopWindow Coding FAQ]] |
[[Wiki:FAQ_Wiki|Wiki FAQ]]
[[Wiki:FAQ_Wiki|Wiki FAQ]]

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Frequently Asked Questions by Publishers, for Publishers - Admin


Signing Up as a Publisher

Opening a Publisher Account

  • Click on Image:file.Join me.png
  • Click on Click here to sign up

User Details

  • This page is so that you can provide us with some basic contact details to enable us to contact you regarding your publisher account.
  • Please provide:

1) Your full name and title
2) Your email address and password (these will act as your login details once your account is approved)
3) Your preferred contact method
4) Your time zone

  • You can also provide additional details such as your Instant Messenger (IM) provider and your handle if you have one. If not, you can leave these fields blank.
  • Please also let us know if you have an publisher account on - as these will later be linked through Darwin.
  • Once you have completed your details - please click Next

Affiliate Details

  • This page is so that you can provide us with some details about your publisher business.
  • If the details for your publisher business are the same as your User Details - you can use the Prefill tickbox at the top of this page to complete the details automatically. It is not necessary for these details to be the same.
  • On this page, please provide:

1) A primary email address
2) Your full name and title
3) Company / Affiliate name
4) Address of business

  • Once you have completed your details - please click Next

Promotion Type

  • On this page you can select your promotion type - which refers to the kind of website you own, and how you drive traffic online.
  • You can select multiple promotion types - however - make sure to select a main or "Primary" promotion type so that you can move on to the next page. This is the kind of activity you do most.
  • Please make use of the promotion type descriptions in the blue box if you are unsure of what type of publisher you are.
  • Once you have completed your details - please click Next

Primary Promotion Details

  • Here you will be asked to provide details about the type of publisher activity you selected as your "Primary" type.
  • You will need to provide:

1) Your website URL
2) A description of your site
3) Your promotional sectors (for example; electronics, or fashion etc)

You may find that our system rejects your URL. If it does, this is likely to be because your website isn't live. If you find you have this problem, you can enter an alternative URL until your site is live, then provide details in the site description.

You should fill the Description field with as much information regarding your site as possible. Please give us a description of your site, any interesting features it may have, and what methods you will be using to advertise our advertisers on your website. Please also inform us if your site is still under construction for any reason.

  • Once you have completed your details - please click Next

Financial Details

  • On this page of the form, you will need to provide us with your payment details. This is so that we can make payments of commission you have earned to you.
  • You will need to provide:

1) Your UK VAT registry details
2) Payment Frequency (how often you would like to receive payments)
3) Payment Method (BACS / Cheque or International Wire Transfer)
4) Payment Threshold
5) Payee Name


When you provide your payment details, you will also be asked to set an account threshold. This is the amount of confirmed commission that you need to accumulate in your publisher account before a payment will be triggered. The minimum thresholds are £25.00 for BACS, £100.00 for cheque and International Wire Transfers.

  • Once you have completed your details - please click Next

Verification Method

  • This page enables us to collect a £5.00 payment from the publisher for their first sign up.
  • You will need to provide:


An invitation code


Your credit card details

The sign up fee is credited to your publisher account and will be visible from the moment you login for the first time. You may request for this to be refunded to you if your application is declined or if you change your mind about your application before you are sent your first commission payment

  • Once you have completed your details - please click Next
  • This completes the signup process. Your application has now been sent to Affiliate Window and will be reviewed within 2 working days.
  • If you do not hear back regarding your application within this time, please email

The Approval Process

  • Your application is reviewed by the Publisher Services team at Affiliate Window, who are responsible for all publisher related enquiries
  • A member of the Publisher Services team may contact you by email to request more information regarding your application if you have not provided enough for your application to be accepted
  • Once approved you will receive an email from Affiliate Window
  • Click on the link inside this email to activate your User Registration details.

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