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In order to improve communication, foster collaboration and business relationships and to break down barriers between publisher s, advertisers and Affiliate Window we created Profiles for both Publishers.

In the old interface, publisher s are only able to enter a short description about themselves, add a single URL of a website they run and categorise themselves. In Darwin, publisher s are able to create a profile to showcase their business in detail.

Within the old Affiliate Window system, if an publisher is not joined to an advertiser’s programme, that advertiser has no way of knowing the publisher exists. To combat this, the new publisher profiles will be available to certain Darwin users; Affiliate Window staff, advertisers and agencies. Advertisers can also use publisher profiles as a means of recruiting new publisher s for their programmes.

The old system will still be available to use during this process. The two interfaces will be running side by side until we have migrated everything to Darwin. This is an overview of new functionality called Profile Pages. A Profile Page allows an publisher to profile their business. Publishers can list all the websites, email campaigns and PPC campaigns that they run. Documents can also be uploaded, as well as RSS feeds can be added to further enhance their profile.

Profile Page Functionality

Overview Tab

Overview Tab
  • The description and summary fields can be edited live on the Profile Page (dependent on permissions). For Publishers, Advertiser fields can be edited by clicking on the Edit Advertisers button.
  • Account contacts can be hidden or shown within the Privacy Settings under the settings tab for each account.
  • The left hand column displays your overall Account Description and Contact Details. These can be edited from within the Settings menu as well as adding a profile picture.
  • In the top right hand corner you have your User Control Panel. This allows you access to edit your User Settings and invite other people into your accounts.

Documents Tab

Documents Tab
  • Within the Documents tab you can manage any documents that you have uploaded to your publisher account.
  • To add documents simply click Add New Document to bring up the upload details.

Promotional Tab

Darwin Sites Tab
  • The Promotional tab within Affiliate profiles is where you can manage the sites attributed to this publisher ID.
  • Here you can give information on an array of sites to allow advertisers a chance to view the scope of what you can provide.

Performance Tab

Darwin Sites Tab
  • The Performance area of the Profile Page is there to detail how well an publisher is performing in a given sector. This is done using the AWin Index Sector Rank.


  • Within the RSS tab you can upload an RSS feed to be displayed within your Profile Page.
  • Having expanded the settings, continue by entering the URL to the feed and then click Add Feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a Publisher Profile in Darwin

Who can view a Publisher Profile

How do I approve an advertiser once they have applied to work with me?

Who are Affiliate Profiles for?

Publishers create profiles in order to define their business in detail for an advertiser to view. This is helpful when an advertiser is wishing to review a pending application onto their programme by an publisher and checking for pre-requisites. Affiliate profiles are often important for those promotional types such as PPC and e-mail marketing where the advertiser is often unable to view a URL and has to rely on the publisher s description.

How ca Publisher Profiles benefit me?

Profiles allow an publisher to showcase their business in much more detail.

  • In the past publisher s were only able to add just a single promotional website, publisher s can now add as many as they would like.
  • Publishers can discuss the different marketing disciplines in which you specialise in much greater detail.
  • This should reduce application rejections and allow more partnerships.


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