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How can an affiliate judge the success of different linking methods?

Using a "Click Ref" allows affiliates to add a tracking reference to a link. Any sales that occur through a link with a Click Ref will report to the affiliate account including the click reference that was used.

This gives affiliates the ability to track the sale back to the exact link the visitor used to find that advertiser, allowing optimisation of which promotional methods on their sites work best to convert visitors into customers.

I run an incentive site; can I use a click ref to pass my customer Id's?

A click reference can be used by affiliates who operate incentive sites to tag the customer ID to links. This way, affiliates are able to extract reports for all their loyal customers and use the click reference tag to indicate the customer(s) to reward.

How to implement a click reference...

To implement a click ref, simply add &clickref=YOURREF to your link (where YOURREF is replaced with whatever text you wish to have) in order for this to work, your link would be:

Please note: Click ref has a 50 character limit


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