Managing a Publisher Programme: Important Tasks

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Action Notes Frequency
Check the level of sales • View the Monthly Performance graph along with the Performance Over Time report and if you see a significant drop in sales then this may indicate an issue which will require further investigation Daily
Process all publishers applications (applicable for advertisers using manual approval only)

• Check pending publishers and approve or decline their applications. If their primary URL appears irrelevant, they may intend to promote you through other sites. You can send an email through News Manager using their publisher ID to clarify this.

• If you do not wish to approve a publisher, please explain in the rejection reason box within your account

Validate publisher commissions

as often as possible

• Frequent validation enables faster return on investment for publishers, encouraging them to work more closely with you.

• Default auto-validation is set to occur every 28 days so please contact AW if you require this to be amended

• If you have a high volume of sales, batch validation is recommended

Maintain an updated product datafeed (applicable for advertisers that have a product feed)

• Check that you are always passing correct prices in your feed

• Always check and resolve unapproved products

• Ensure that new products are correctly mapped

• If your product information changes frequently then an automated datafeed upload method should be implemented with the network

Engage in regular publisher


• Inform publishers about your best selling products

• Keep publishers up to date with any changes to your programme and offer incentives where possible

• Discounts and commission increases can help to increase exposure and should be communicated

• The best methods of communication are: News Manager, The Hub, and the PerformanceIN Forum

• Publisher promotions should also be submitted in the Publisher Newsletter section of your account and may be selected for inclusion

• Speak with your top 5-10 publishers regularly

Develop your publisher relationships

• Speak with your publishers regarding targets, bonuses or private commissions (if applicable)

• For your top performing publishers we advise adopting a direct line of communication via email, telephone and MSN

Manage and upload any new creative

• Ensure that any new banner creative is available for publishers within the Banners & Links section of your account

• Never delete banners, always overlay them with new ones

As required
Alert AW of any website changes

• Please advise us if there are any technical changes to your site so that we can ensure this does not affect tracking

As required
Respond to open tickets

• Please respond in a timely fashion and close tickets once the issue has been resolved

As required
Feedback on publisher opportunities

• Please provide AW with feedback on the effectiveness and suitability of the publisher opportunities we supply

-Though all offers submitted will be considered by publishers, prospective features are not guaranteed

As required
Discount Codes

• Update generic discount codes as often as necessary in your account

• Supply bespoke codes for specific publisher s directly or via AW

As required


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