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* [[Affiliate Directory]]
* [[Affiliate Directory]]
* [[Merchant Profile Pages|Advertiser profile pages]]
* [[Merchant Profile Pages|Advertiser profile pages]]
* [[Darwin Publisher Approvals]]
* [[Darwin Publisher Approvals]] [[File:FR-flag.png|link=]]
* [[Reporting]]
* [[Reporting]]
* [[News_Manager|News Manager]]
* [[News_Manager|News Manager]]

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Vous trouverez ci-dessous l’ensemble des documents et guides utiles à l’utilisation de notre interface. Veuillez noter que certaines pages sont actuellement disponibles uniquement en anglais. La version française est en cours d’élaboration.


Affiliate Window's administration area, which makes extensive use of new web technologies and provides a much more intuitive and user friendly interface.

User Interface

Interface for Publishers

Interface for Advertisers


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