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Frequently Asked Questions by Publishers, for Publishers - Admin

Account Management

How do I sign up as a publisher ?

In order to join Awin as a publisher , please use the step-by-step sign up guide

Joining Awin as a Publisher

How do I join an advertiser?

In order to join a new advertiser you need to do the following:

  • Click on "Advertisers" and select Join New Programmes
  • Type the name of the advertiser you want to add into the search box
  • Click on Search - this will bring up a list of all matching possibilities
  • To view the details of an advertiser's programme, such as commission rates and Terms and Conditions, click on MORE
  • Once you are happy with the selected advertiser, click Join Advertiser to apply to the program

The advertiser themselves or their point of contact at Awin will then be able to review your application and decide whether to approve it. Your membership of that publisher programme will remain pending until a decision is made. You can view the status of a application by going to Current Advertisers in your main menu

Why have I been rejected from an advertiser programme?

There are usually 3 main reasons for an advertiser rejecting you from their publisher programme.

  • The advertiser is having trouble accessing the site you have listed to promote them with
  • The advertiser does not believe your site or method of promotion is a good fit for their programme
  • The description provided in your account does not meet their requirements

You should aim to fill in as many details about how you intend to work as a publisher to your Awin account. Advertisers will be able to view these details when the consider whether to approve you onto your programme and you are therefore less likely to get rejected for reasons you might want to question with the advertiser. When advertisers choose to reject publisher s from their programme they have the option to give a reason for this rejection. If you have not received notification of a reason why your application has been declined you may wish to contact the advertiser about this. Click the 'Contact Advertiser' at the top of the advertiser details page in your publisher account.

How do I change/update my account details?

How do I Re-apply to an advertiser after rejection?

In order to re-apply to advertisers you need to do the following:

  • Go to that specific advertiser page
  • Select LEAVE this will be a greyed out button on the top section of the program page.
  • You are then able to re-apply to the advertiser by clicking Join Advertiserin the right hand corner of the screen below the advertisers logo.

Why have I been signed up to an advertiser that I didn't apply to?

Some retailers operate an "auto-approve" scheme - meaning that they accept all publishers onto their affiliate program. If you feature the tracking links of these retailers on your site and a visitor to your site clicks on them, we will automatically join you to these retailers so that you can earn commission from their visits.

How Do I list all my websites in my account?

You do not need to create additional publisher accounts to promote advertisers on the other web sites that you may run. You can add details about all your different web sites on your publisher profile [here] where you can categorise and describe each one in detail.

To set up your Awin account, please use our Step by step guide to using the interface

How can I contact an advertiser?

  • Click on the name of the advertiser
  • Click on join new program
  • Follow the detailed steps and provide the relevant information to advertisers
  • This will take you through to affiliate administration area (seen below)

How do I create a support ticket?

Raising a Support Ticket

How do I upload a transaction Query?

In order to upload a transaction query, please use the step-by-step guide

Transaction Queries for publisher s

Where can I find the latest offers and Advertiser communications

If you want to read up on the latest promotions you can click on communications> Latest Articles> the number on the left hand side of the page.

Alternatively, you can visit http://hub.awin.com

How do I get a discount code/bespoke offer for a specific advertiser?

Location of discount codes in the interface

All general discount codes are registered in the 'Discount Codes' section which is available from the links & tools section of the interface .

In some cases an advertiser will generate a bespoke code but it will depend on the kind of exposure you can offer them and the success of your publisher campaign thus far. Each advertiser will evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis.

Linking Methods

How do I generate a deeplink?

Deep linking to any programme can be achieved by following these steps:

  • Search for the advertiser via the 'Advertiser Directory' or 'Current Advertisers'
  • Click on the advertiser's green 'Links' icon next to the search results
  • Click on the 'Text' Tab
  • Click 'Deep Link Builder' (above the default text link)
  • Paste the product page URL into the 'Deep link URL' box on the left hand side
  • This shows the complete URL you need in the large box. Copy and paste the full code onto the source page on your site.
  • Choose the Format 'HTML' or 'URL'
  • Copy and paste the link onto your website.


  • Click 'Deep Link Builder' (above the default text link)
  • Search for the advertiser using the drop down menu
  • Paste the product page URL into the 'Deep link URL' box on the left hand side
  • This shows the complete URL you need in the large box. Copy and paste the full code onto the source page your site.
  • Choose the Format 'HTML' or 'URL'
  • Copy and paste the link onto your website.

How do I create a 'tidd.ly' short link?

Create Short link in the Deeplink Builder

  • Click 'Deep Link Builder' or 'FireAW' plug-in.
  • Search for the advertiser using the drop down menu
  • Paste the product page URL into the 'Deep link URL' box on the left hand side
  • This shows the complete URL you need in the large box. Copy and paste the full code onto the source page your site.
  • Choose the Format 'HTML' or 'URL'
  • Select 'Create Shortlink'.

Your deeplink will now be transformed into short and tidy URL and have the domain 'tidd.ly'.

How do I add banners to my site?

  • Click on Current Advertisers
  • Click 'My Creative' button against the advertisers details
  • Copy the code against the banner of your choice
  • Paste into the source code of your website

How do I create a content widget?

To create a Content Widgets, please refer to this area of the Wiki.


Publisher Advertiser Performance Report

Publisher Performance Over Time

Publisher Product Performance

Publisher Creative Performance Report

Publisher Commission Details

Publisher Click Ref


Metadata allows Publishers to download Category or Advertiser metadata into one single file.


Create-a-feed is an interface which allows publisher s to download advertiser datafeeds. Publishers can download datafeeds based on categories and/or brands.

Desktop Alerts

Desktop Alerts is an application which allows you to view important information about your publisher account without using the interface, through live updates from your system tray.

Publisher Profile

A guide for setting up your Awin publisher account and Profile.

ePrivacy Plug-in for Publishers

The ePrivacy Plug-in for Publishers, a JavaScript based application which can be used on the publisher site to make sure it complies with the new EU ePrivacy regulations.

Affiliate Support Ticket

From time to time, you may require further advice from our Awin staff, whether this be Technical, Financial or Account Manager related. Please use the following steps to add in a support ticket to ensure that we can help with responding to your inquiry upon first response.

Do we not have what you are looking for?

Visit the Wanted Pages area of the Wiki to learn how to get your desired content added.


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