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A Beginners guide:

What is a merchant?

A merchant is a company which has products or a service to sell.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate (also known as a publisher or advertiser) is somebody whose purpose is to drive traffic to a merchant. They can do this by featuring the banners, text links or products of a merchant on their site.

How do Affiliates make money

If a user is browsing on an affiliates site, sees a product they like and clicks on the link (which takes them through to the merchant page) the affiliate will not be paid.

If however, the user then purchases this product, the affiliate will be paid as they have provided the merchant with a customer.

What Kind of Affiliate am I?

True Content

True content sites are generally informative sites that provide information relating to the products that are featured on their site.


Forums are interactive sites where internet users go to discuss issues that they are interested in.


Blogs are usually online diaries. They vary in content and will usually put links to products that they are ‘blogging’ about.

Shopping Directories

If you are a shopping directory affiliate you will simply provide a list of all the merchants on your site, including a short description about what they do and occasionally providing reviews of their services.

Shopwindow partners

Shopwindow partners make use of the shopwindow tools and functionality to help power their website.

Voucher Codes

Voucher code affiliates are given voucher codes by merchants which they feature on their site.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing affiliates collect e-mail addresses that are interested in a particular area and send them details of offers/deals they think the database of users will be interested in.

Price Comparison

Price Comparison sites provide an easy to use service that allows users to compare the prices of specific products from a range of merchants.

Cashback and Reward

Cashback and reward affiliates give a percentage of the commission that they earn back to their users. In the case of cashback affiliates, this is in the form of cash and in the case of reward affiliates this is in the form of ‘points’ which can be redeemed to purchase other goods.

Corporate Intranet

If you provide companies with an intranet service that offers its users discounts at retailers then you would be a corporate intranet affiliate.

Social Networking

Social network affiliates are primarily used for socialising with friends but sometimes they have banners or applications that encourage users to shop.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC affiliates promote merchants via search engines such as google. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, so a PPC affiliate pays the search engine each time a user clicks on their link.


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