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Frequently Asked Questions by Publishers, for Publishers - Admin

All information you find here is relevant to Affiliate Window products and services only


Administrative Issues

How long will it take my application to be approved?

We look to approve all publisher applications 2 working days after they have been received. If after this period you have not received an email to the email address that you registered with, please contact publisherservices@affiliatewindow.com

For more information on the approval process, please see our Sign Up Guide

Why has my application to become an publisher been rejected?

Click here for information on why Affiliate Window may reject applications.

How do I retrieve my login details?

If you have forgotten your password then you will need to visit http://darwin.affiliatewindow.com enter in your e-mail address and then click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. This will send a temporary replacement password to your registered email address.

If you are unable to use this facility please contact Technical Services via email at support@affiliatewindow.com and we will assist you.

How do I change/update my account details?

All changes to contact, address, company, bank and VAT details can now be made through Darwin. To open a Darwin account and set up a Darwin profile, please see our Step by Step Guide to Using Darwin.

If you are unsure on how to do this then please contact the Partnerships Team using the Ticketing system and they will be able to make amendments for you.

Where can I find information on advertiser commission rates?

Advertiser commission rates can be located in two main areas:

  • Here you can go through and search on an individual basis to find advertisers commission rates

How do I find out why a commission has been declined?

Select the report 'Commission details' by 'Month', in the following search criteria box change the "Show" option to declined and click "Generate Report". Any declined commissions for that month will be reported here. You can find the reason for the decline by hovering your mouse over the circles on the left hand-side. If you would like a clearer explanation we would suggest you contact the advertiser directly.

Is it possible to add an additional website to one account or is it necessary to open an additional account for another website?

You do not need to create additional publisher accounts to promote advertisers on the other web sites that you may run. You can add details about all your different web sites on your Darwin publisher profile by going to https://darwin.affiliatewindow.com then clicking on ‘Profile’, ‘Promotional’ and ‘Add Site’. From here you can categorise and describe each one in detail. If you require additional help using Darwin, please take a look at our Step-by-step guide to using Darwin

What's the difference between an Impression and a Click?

An impression is recorded when one of your web pages is loaded and a banner is displayed to the visitor. Every time a banner is loaded your impressions count increases. A click is recorded when a visitor to your site clicks one of your linking methods and is referred to an advertiser site.

Why aren’t my text links recording Impressions?

It is not possible for us to track impressions on a text link. Impressions can only be recorded when using an advertiser’s banners.

Why can’t I find the details of an advertiser’s programme that I am promoting?

It could be that the advertiser has closed on the network or that they are hidden to stop new publisher s joining their programme. Please find the advertiser in the ‘Current Advertisers’ page and you will be able to see if their programme is active.

Why have I been rejected by an advertiser?

This could be for many reasons such as the content of your website or your methods of promotion. If your application to join a programme has been rejected you should first of all read the advertiser's programme description and terms and conditions to see if they refer to any kinds of publisher s not allowed to promote the programme. For an exact reason as to why your application to join an advertiser’s programme has been rejected please contact the advertiser directly from your publisher account using the form provided on the advertiser details page or adding in a Support Ticket explaining your site/methods of promotion.

Why was this commission rejected by an advertiser?

A commission may be rejected for a number of reasons. The most common reasons for rejecting commissions are:

  • The order was cancelled by the customer.
  • The order was returned by the customer in accordance with the advertiser's returns policy.
  • The commission was duplicated. Commissions can appear duplicated if the customer refreshes or prints the confirmation page.
  • The transaction was fraudulent.

If you believe a commission was rejected when it should have been approved, please add in a Support Ticket providing as much information as possible.

What is the PPC policy of advertiser ‘X’?

You can check this by looking in the advertiser's programme description via your publisher account. Most advertisers will include a section dealing with paid search or keyword policy. This informationn may also be included in the Terms and Conditions that are applicable. A link to these can be found underneath the programme description.

How can I close my publisher account?

Please notify the Technical Services Team by adding in a Support Ticket - we shall aim to close your ticket and ask Finance to send through any relevant payments.

Financial Issues

Untracked sales

Unfortunately from time to time you may encounter untracked sales. This may happen for a number of reasons. Anti-virus packages, certain software used for content filtering and removal/deletion of cookies can lead to sales going untracked. If you believe that your sale should have been tracked as an publisher link was used, please provide us with the following information in a Support Ticket so we're able to add this into our system.

  • Advertiser Id/Name
  • Banner/Link used
  • Sale amount
  • Commission amount or item purchased
  • Order Ref
  • Date and Time ordered
  • Click Ref used if available

We are able to send this information on to the advertiser for review, please allow 75 days for validation. If you do not hear anything before this time for this transaction, your untracked query will be auto approved.

Can I get a receipt for the £5 joining fee?

We do not raise invoices for the £5 deposit when you join Affiliate Window.

This £5 is credited back to your account when you join the network and is paid back with your first publisher commission payment, when you have met the pay threshold. Once the threshold has been met, a payment is generated in the system and can be viewed in the payment history. Through this link you are then able to view the details of the payment including the individual commissions, which will also include the £5 subscription fee. This is the self-billing invoice that we raise that enables us to make payment on the commissions. You will be able print this off yourself once your first payment has been generated.

For your information you can view what commissions you have generated through the Commission Details link in your account.

Why aren’t my pending sales being approved?

It is up to an advertiser to decide if a commission is approved or declined to an publisher . We do ask advertisers to validate as regularly as possible to ensure publisher s get the commission as quickly as possible. Some advertisers approve on a daily basis and some monthly. Please allow until then end of the month before contacting an advertiser for a reason why commissions are not being validated.

When do Affiliate Window pay publisher s?

Affiliate Payments are as follows;

1st - 15th validated commissions (e.g. June 2010) Payment generated on 1st July (or first working day after) - to credit publisher s bank account after 3 working days.

16th - 31st validated commissions (e.g. June 2010) Payment generated 15th July (or first working day after) – to credit publisher s account after 3 working days.

My commission has been validated; why haven't I been paid?

Please click here for information regarding our Advertiser Payment Statuses and your Payment Details page.

What are the payment thresholds?

1st - 15th validated commissions (e.g. April 2010)

  • Bacs minimum £25 Threshold - self billed invoice (payment date visible via the Payment Detail link in your account) generated 1st May (or first working day after) -.to credit publisher s bank account after 3 working days.
  • Cheque minimum £100 Threshold - self billed invoice (payment date in payment history) generated 1st May (or first working day after) - Cheque authorised and posted out 15th May.
  • International minimum £100 Threshold – self billed invoice (payment date in payment history) generated 1st May (or first working day after) – can take a bit longer to credit publisher s bank account

Please note: We will only pay the remitter’s international bank transfer fees if the payment is over £500, otherwise this fee will be charged against the publisher 's payment (we do not pay any charges made by the publisher 's own bank) .

16th - 31st validated commissions (e.g. April 2010)

  • BACS £25 Threshold - self billed invoice (payment date visible via the Payment Detail link in your account) generated 15th May (or first working day after) – to credit publisher s account after 3 working days.
  • Cheque £100 Threshold - self billed invoice (payment date visible via the Payment Detail link in your account) generated 15th May (or first working day after) - Cheque authorised and posted out 1st June.
  • International minimum £100 Threshold – self billed invoice (payment date visible via the Payment Detail link in your account) generated 15th May (or first working day after) – can take a bit longer to credit publisher s bank account.

For BACS, Cheque and International payments the publisher s must reach the threshold by the 15th or the last day of the month to receive payment for that respective half of the month, otherwise it will then rollover to the next period.

If an publisher selects to be paid monthly (rather than twice monthly) they will only receive payment in the second half of the month i.e. commissions up to 30th April and paid 15th May.

What currency is commission paid in?

Affiliate Window pay all commission in GB pounds sterling and at this time there are no other options available.

I haven't received my BACS payment. What should I do?

Please check when the payment was sent to you in your Payment Details section. If the payment was by BACS and was not received within 4 working days please submit a ticket. Please also check that we have the correct bank details, address or payment details. Please check these details via the ‘Update account details’ section within your publisher account. This also could be due to the advertiser's payment status - indicated by the colour of the 'traffic light' under 'Payment Status' on the advertiser's information page - so please check that the advertiser is green before you add a Support Ticket. For more information on this please see: [Advertiser Payment Statuses]

I have not received my cheque, what should I do?

Firstly you will need to contact Finance and inform them of the situation; they will then contact our bank to get the original payment cancelled. Once they have confirmed that this has been done, Finance can then generate and send you another cheque. You will be notified once this has happened.

I am an international publisher , can I be paid by bank transfer?

Affiliate Window can only pay non-UK accounts by international wire transfer.

I have recently become VAT registered, can I get any VAT back?

When you get your VAT number you can enter the information into the payment details section of the publisher provider area. The self-billed invoices when generated each month will then automatically add VAT.

If there are payments already made before you were able to enter the VAT details then you can be paid backdated VAT. In order to do this you need to supply us with a copy of the certificate and then raise an invoice to Affiliate Window just for the VAT amount.

Where have the commissions that I had pending in my account gone?

If you notice that you no longer have pending commissions in your account this will be because they have either been approved or declined. Please check the Commission Details report and change the report to show commissions either confirmed or declined.

How long do commissions remain pending?

Validating commissions is the responsibility of the advertiser and commissions will remain pending until an advertiser validates them. If the commissions remain pending for a lengthy time, please inform Affiliate Window by adding in a Support Ticket so that we can ask the advertiser to validate them.

Incorrect commission rates

If you have checked the programme description and commission rates of an advertiser's programme and find that you have generated enough sales to warrant being awarded the next tier of commission, please raise a support ticket which can then be passed to the advertiser account liaison to action on your behalf. Please provide as much information as possible.

When is the next payment?

Please check your publisher account for the details on your next payment. Please select 'Payment History' which will direct you to a page containing current and previous invoices along with details of when your next payment is due.

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