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Frequently Asked Questions by Publishers, for Publishers - Admin

Delayed Payment Issues

Advertiser Payment Statuses

  • Our advertisers are invoiced for validated commissions either twice a month or at the end of each month.
  • Affiliate Window has now given each advertiser a payment status colour. You can find out what payment status an advertiser is on in their Advertiser information in the Current Advertisers section of your Affiliate Account.
  • The Traffic Light payment status system works as follows:

Green – This advertiser has an up to date payment record and no payment restrictions. Publishers will be paid for all advertiser commissions regardless of when the advertiser pays Affiliate Window.

Amber – This advertiser is set to restricted invoice terms. Publishers will be paid for advertiser commissions only when payment for the corresponding invoice has been received by Affiliate Window. Any advertisers who fall behind on their payments are regularly chased by Affiliate Window, and we request that you do not raise a support ticket regarding delays in advertiser payment unless these have become 90 days overdue.

Red – This advertiser has severely restricted invoice terms and overdue payment with Affiliate Window. Publishers will be paid for advertiser commissions only when payment for the corresponding invoice, and the other outstanding invoices, has been received by Affiliate Window. The network would recommend publisher s do not promote advertisers who are set to this status.

How can I monitor when these advertisers have paid?

  • Affiliate Window have made several changes to the Affiliate Interface since January 2009 so that publisher s can see which advertisers have commission that they have not yet paid. This appears in the Unpaid Commissions Report. You can access this by going to your Payment History page and clicking on Payment Pending

The Pending figure on the front page of your Affiliate Account is a different figure to the Payment Pending figure on your Payment Details screen. This is because the Pending figure on the main page refers to commission that your advertisers have not yet validated. The Payment Pending figure refers to commission that the advertisers have validated and been invoiced for, but have not yet paid.

  • Please find below a breakdown of the headings on the Payment Details page.

Payment History

All payment information will now be stored in the Payment History section of your account. This includes details of all self-billed invoices and information relating to your next payment.

Next Payment Amount

Is the amount that you are due to be paid in your next payment. This amount is fixed and once published in your account will not change.

Publishers can only be paid for approved transactions and this amount will not contain transactions validated after the payment cut off period.

Payment Pending

Is the amount currently being held until Affiliate Window receive payment from the advertiser. This amount will not include transactions that were validated after the payment cut off period.

Next Payment Date

This is the date when your next payment will be raised.

The figures for Next Payment Amount and Payment Pending are published figures that will be updated once a day overnight.

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