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Télécharger un flux annonceur

Liens et outils > Create-a-Feed

L'outil Create-a-Feed vous permet de créer un flux à l'aide d'un large éventail de critères :

  • Catégories
  • Annonceurs
  • Marques


Les catégories proviennent de l'arborescence de catégories Affiliate Window. Advertisers map the categories in their feeds to our category tree. The category tree can be expanded and you can drill down to the lower levels of our tree. Besides each category, you will see the count of products available to download.

Please note that some advertisers may choose not to provide a category, or instead map all products to a single category. Downloading the feed using the Advertiser option will always ensure that you get all products contained in the feed. The original advertiser category, and the Affiliate Window categories can both be populated in the feed.


When you select Advertiser you can chose from a selection of your joined advertisers (as well as open advertisers). Advertiser have the option to upload multiple feeds across selected verticals. These are clearly shown alongside the advertisers name as well as the last update date and the number of products in the feed.



Filtering by Brand allows you to search for a particular brand and only download products that have that brand associated with them.


You have the option to create your datafeed based on any combination of these criteria.

Once you have chosen the requirements for your feed you will see a product count in the top left of the page. The maximum number of products that can be downloaded at one time is 2.5 million. If your selection exceeds this then you will be asked to refine it.

When you are happy with your selection, press ‘Next.’ File:Screenshot_16.png

download options

The next stage is to determine how you would like to download the datafeed. You can toggle the columns required although certain ones are permanently included. Please note that not all fields may be in use by the advertiser so if you are downloading every column then expect some blanks.


The column order can be rearranged by dragging the columns up and down in the ‘Selected Columns’ box


If your product selection contains datafeeds that have been created for specific verticals you will have an extra set of columns you can also download. The verticals are:

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Tickets
  • Telcos
  • Group Buying

When you have chosen the columns you are downloading and are happy with the order then you can choose your file format, delimiter and compression type. There is also the option to include adult content, if unchecked then certain adult categories will be removed from the feed.


To access the feed you can download directly from the interface or you can use the generated URL to access that feed in that specified structure at any time.

You can create as many of these URLs as you like.


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