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Consent Signals Framework for Publishers


As a publisher, it is your responsibility to obtain cookie consent for Awin's tracking.

To help you comply with the recent updates to data regulations, Awin have created two solutions for you:

This page is all about the Consent Signals Framework for publishers, which is a way of informing Awin if cookie consent has been obtained, by adding extra information to tracking links.

If you'd like to make use of this framework, go to Support > Create New Ticket then raise a ticket or go to Support > Contact in order to send an email with the subject 'Consent Framework Activation' so that we can activate you to use the consent framework.


If you're not activated for the consent framework then we assume you've obtained cookie consent from the website visitor as per the 'Standard Terms for Publishers' for any traffic sent to us.

Cookie Consent in Tracking Links

In the click (or post view) URLs, you can use the parameter '&cons=' to let us know which of your website visitors have given their consent to the use of cookies, so we know who we can track.

Parameter valueMeaning
1Cookie consent given by the website visitor
0Cookie consent rejected by the website visitor
Not available (default)Consent obtained unless your account is set to 'no consent' by default (e.g. when enabled for HTTPS requests). A HTTPS request signal overwrites the defaults.

The visitor's consent status is only used for tracking and is not stored for future clicks or post-view impressions.


When using these click parameters we can change your default setting to 'no consent obtained' (if the consent parameter is not set).

Consent by Sending us HTTPS Requests

It's also possible to inform us about the website visitor's cookie consent via a HTTP(S) request. This method can be used in combination with the click URL method, which overwrites the HTTPS consent status for individual clicks.

Please note that when you want to use this method, we switch your default consent status to 'no consent obtained'. This means that if we don't have the website visitor's consent status (e.g. you didn't tell us or 3rd party cookies are blocked) and there's no click URL consent then we do not track that website visitor.

For this method, we drop a functional cookie so that we can remember the consent of the website visitor. The cookie name is 'saw' followed by your publisher ID. For example: saw45628.

Consent is remembered for up to 12 months and is stored separately for each publisher.

Flag settingMeaning
1Click cookie consent obtained. Post view cookie consent not obtained.
3Click & Post view cookie consent obtained
4Click & Post view cookie consent rejected


The Consent Banner for Publishers uses these flag settings to notify Awin of website visitor consent.


Due to new European legislation regarding how websites store information about you, AWIN is updating its privacy policy. You can see the new version of our policy here. If you would like to see the information we capture on this website, please click here for further details. In order to accept cookies on this site please click the 'I ACCEPT' button