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Discount Codes

Discount codes can prove a useful addition to your affiliate marketing strategy. Managed effectively, they can help grow business from publishers who control web traffic with a niche customer base. Publishers tend to generate a higher level of conversion through the use of generic or bespoke discount codes.

Bespoke codes:

A code specially created for a specific publisher. Providing an exclusive code is a great way to build loyalty with top performing discount code publishers as it gives them a unique offer to promote their own customer base which will drive up conversion.

Generic codes:

A discount code that is made available to your entire base of publishers. These codes should be entered into the discount voucher area in your advertiser account. Every Monday, an email is sent with the latest list of discount codes to an opt-in base of top performing publishers who have requested this information.

Benefits of discount codes:

• Trigger publishers to join your programme

• Strengthening of brand awareness

• Increase sales conversion

• Strengthens relationships with publishers

Uploading Discount Codes in the Interface

To access the voucher code are you will need to click on the Tab 'Discount vouchers'

Step 1: Discount Code: Enter the promotional code. Please note your website must technically be able to facilitate promotional codes.

Step 2: Valid Dates: It is vital to enter the start and expiry dates of the code so publishers know exactly how long they can promote the offer on their sites.

Step 3: Deeplink: Enter the details of the relevant landing or product page for the promotion code.

Step 4: Description: Each code uploaded must contain a short description which is important in delivering the offer message and triggering consumer reaction.


Our News Manager tool, the Hub, the weekly Affiliate Window newsletter, and posting on A4uforum, provide excellent and reliable methods of distributing publisher discount vouchers. Additionally, it is very important to contact your top performing publishers to make them aware of the offers you are promoting.

To study the impact of discount codes on your programme's performance, we would recommend that you analyse your Performance Over Time report to detect any uplift in sales which coincide with a discount code being released to your publisher base. If you are only providing a bespoke code to one publisher then it is possible to look at the sales performance for this publisher only by entering in their ID number into the search criteria. If the impact is positive then it is important to refresh the codes at the times of the year when you programme needs a boost.

Example: Advertiser Providing discount codes - ELC

In February 2008 Early Learning Centre released a publisher discount code for the first time that could engage the entire publisher base. The impact of this was fantastic and this was reflected in programme sales growth.

The discount code was very productive in the strong increase in sales, as many publishers would have been particularly encouraged as it allowed many publishers to promote ELC more efficiently. This produced campaigns that endorsed publishers to trigger consumer reaction more effectively, ultimately producing an engaged and more active consumer in making their relevant purchases.

There were also a high number of new publishers and previously inactive publishers receiving sales on the programme, which can also be attributed to a successful PR campaign of discount codes which is essential in generating the most productive results.


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