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The Batch Validation file will allow you to auto approve, decline and amend transaction (which then turn into approved transactions) within the Affiliate Window System.

To automate this you can provide us with a HTTP URL which we need to grab transactions from, or you can provide us with FTP details (we'd be happy to set these up for you).

To setup the automation we can pick up the batch validation file which you create on a 12 hour basis, 24 hour basis (2AM) or weekly basis (this occurs every Wednesday 2AM)

Configuring batch commission validation for an account

Within the Advertiser account select Validation > Batch Process Commission.

This page will allow you to add in the required information:

  • Select your transfer method (you have the option of FTP, HTTP or Manual Upload).
  • Tell us where your commissions file is.
  • Indicate whether your CSV file contains a header row.
  • Indicate whether you would like to have duplicate commissions removed automatically.
  • If you selected FTP or HTTP as you transfer method, select how frequently you would like for us to fetch the file from your server.
  • Click ‘Save settings and Fetch Files’. You will now be taken through the validation process. If you scheduled daily or weekly data collection, this process will happen automatically from now on.

Scheduled data collection and processing

Daily collection will happen each morning at 2 am. Weekly collection and processing will happen on a Wednesday at 2 am. An email will be sent to you confirming that the process happened and giving you feedback on each commission validated.

Format of the commissions file

The process works by reading in commissions from a CSV (comma separated value) file. This file contains 1 record for each commission that requires processing. Commissions can be accepted or declined.

The CSV file fields must be in the following order listed in the table - each field being separated by a comma and each record being on a new line.

The top 3 columns are mandatory for all sale status', however declined and amended require additional columns which are mentioned in this section:

Field Description Example
Order Reference Advertisers order reference 6478356
Transaction Date Date of commission (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) 04/11/2004 22:30:12
Status The status of the transaction accepted
Status Note A reason for Declines and Amendments Order returned, Room upgraded
New Sale Price New sale amount for an adjustment only 28.00
Commission Breakdown CG Code and Allocated Price CD:8.99|DVD:12.99
Currency 3-letter ISO Codes GBP

The order ref is the reference you passed to us as the extra field on your sales confirmation page.

The Transaction Date field must be in European date format (day/month/year) as shown above. The time must be 24 hour format.

The status must be either of:

  • amended
  • accepted
  • declined

At present it is only possible to specify your default advertiser currency.

Sale Accepted Rules

The following columns must be provided for any sale to accepted by our system.

  • Order Reference
  • Transaction Date
  • Status

All other columns are optional, however must be separated by a comma.

Sale Declined Rules

The following columns must be provided for any sale to be declined by our system.

  • Order Reference
  • Transaction Date
  • Status
  • Status Note

All other columns are optional, however must be separated by a comma.

Sale Amendment Rules

You may want to amend a transaction, if the user has returned part of the order, you can do this via the "amended" status. Please ensure the following points are included:

  • The file must contain a new value in 'New Sale Price' for the whole transaction
  • The format for Commission Group Breakdown mirrors that on confirmation tracking code you have used. See Here for formatting
  • All Commission Group Codes must be listed if the transaction contains more than one CG
  • If the transaction has only one Commission Group associated and the Commission Group does not change, the CG Code and Price may be omitted
  • Status will move from pending to validated

Example of a transaction with a single CG which is only changing sale value

85068320NYCMQ,23/11/2009 22:30:00,Amended,,265.30,

Example of a transaction with multiple CG's

85068320NYCMQ,23/11/2009 22:30:00,Amended,,265.30,DEFAULT:23.00|CODEA:129.30|CODEZ:113.00,GBP

Note: when multiple CG's make up a transaction that is to be amended the whole breakdown must be detailed to ensure data integrity, this includes CG's that have not changed value

Non-unique Order References

Non-unique order references should be used if the you cannot guarantee that your order reference will be unique. Each transaction must still be assigned an order reference and these must still be unique within a time span of 24 hours.

If you requested that your account is set up to use non-unique order references, both the order reference and the transaction date will be used to find a matching transaction.

To allow for discrepancies in the date and time of the transaction as recorded by our and your systems, any record recorded by us with a transaction date of + or - 12 hours from the date provided by you will be deemed a match.

Auto De-duplication

If auto de-duplication is selected, when duplicates are found the oldest is confirmed and all others are declined with the reason for declining set to ’de-dup’.

Unmatched commissions

Any unmatched commissions will be reported back to you. These will need to be confirmed by hand.


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