What is a Super Publisher and How Do I Become One?

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The web definition of a super publisher is “a publisher capable of generating a significant percentage of a publisher program's activity.”

I disagree! A super publisher has so many more strings to their bow than just generating big revenues. A super publisher has many traits and to suggest that revenue is the only important factor is naïve; some of the other factors that can make a publisher super are outlined below. Be aware though, this is not an exhaustive list but can certainly help you on your way!

Reliability: Networks and advertisers love a publisher that they can rely on to pick up the phone, answer emails (or msn) and be responsive to new opportunities. It helps to create a great working relationship and ensures that you’re seen as a “go-to” publisher and can result in you getting sneak previews for the latest hot deals.

Flexibility: You don’t have to be a contortionist but being able to turn around last minute opportunities is incredibly helpful. It’s not uncommon for an advertiser to inform publisher s that they’re having a one day sale starting tomorrow morning.

Opportunities like this are best served with blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. Flexibility can help you to keep your content fresh (great for SEO and for your users) as well as ensuring you become a preferred partner to advertisers.

Proactivity: A fundamental difference between a standard publisher and a super publisher is their approach. A super publisher is proactive and will regularly be in touch (either through the network account manager or directly) with their top advertisers. It is likely that a super publisher will approach advertisers with new opportunities; often looking for increased commission or exclusive codes. This is instead of being reactive and waiting for the next sale or great deal to be released by the advertiser. Typically, a super publisher will carry the ethos “don’t ask and you don’t get”.

Innovation: One of the greatest things about publisher marketing is the constant innovation within the industry. A super publisher is likely to position themselves as a market leader in their field by coming up with new ideas and new opportunities. Beyond the usual emails or site-wide opportunities, a super publisher could develop new technologies, create new marketing methods (embracing behavioural re-targeting for example) as well as finding new ways to engage with their user base.

Personable: Affiliate marketing is a very social industry. I feel confident in saying that numerous partnerships between advertisers, publisher s or networks have developed during social events. These vary from black tie events, the IAB meetings and naturally, the pub! Making friends within the industry can go a long way to helping your business. There are undoubtedly some advertisers who consider their super publisher s to be the ones who can last the distance with them on a heavy night out (I won’t name any names!)

There are other factors that can help you to become a super publisher and the single most important element is to do the basics and to do them very well. Everyone is a super publisher in the making and so if you have the time, you now have the know-how!

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