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Welcome to the ShopWindow area of the wiki. This resource, alongside the forum, will allow our ShopWindow publisher s/advertisers to stay connected and share helpful tips and information. This wiki is also reference for ShopWindow publisher developers interested in the ShopWindow Toolset. ShopWindow is a web service that centers around a product database and this wiki boasts the documentation and tips to help get you started. All content is created by the ShopWindow Team, but feel free to contribute to any area within this wiki that you feel you can share some expertise.

For further information on ShopWindow please visit our dedicated forum at http://www.shopwindowforum.com

ShopWindow Introduction

Introduction to the ShopWindow Toolset

ShopWindow v3

Find out more information about ShopWindow v3

ShopWindow History

Find out more information about older ShopWindow versions

ProductServe API

Find out more information about the ProductServe API that ShopWindow client uses

Content Widgets

Find out more information about Content Widgets

ShopWindow Category Tree

Find out more information about the Category Tree


Find out more information about the sector developments that ShopWindow offer

Partnerships Team

Find out more information about the Partnerships Team

ShopWindow Documentation

Here you can find a list of the full documentation range offered by ShopWindow

ShopWindow Development Guide

Development tips on the ShopWindow code


Looking for tips and hints?


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