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Scheduled Commission Changes

Scheduled Commission Changes is a powerful tool -- It has the ability to change commission rates across multiple publishers and commission groups over a set period of time. If you are unsure about how to use this please speak to your account contact. We are happy to provide additional training on the tool.


Why use this tool?

The purpose of this tool is to apply short term commission changes to individual or a handful of publishers. This tool SHOULD NOT be used for programme wide changes to your commission structure; should you wish to re-structure your commissions please speak to your account contact who will be able to advise further. Equally, you should not have overlapping commission schedules in place. Here's what would happen in such a scenario:

  • Default rate: 5%
  • Schedule One: Running from the 15th-18th (from 5% to 7%)
  • Schedule Two: Running from the 17th-20th (from 7% to 9%)

At the end of Schedule Two, the rate would return to 7% (and not the default rate) and thus all future commission would track at the wrong rate so please do proceed with caution when using this tool!

Adding a new scheduled commission change

Scheduled Commission Changes Video guide and for other tutorials click here.

Step-by-step guide

1. To schedule commission go to: Validation > Batch Process Commission

2. Then click ‘Schedule now commission changes’

3. Ensure you have confirmation from the client regarding the confirmed Date and Time of the commission increase/decrease.

It is possible to ‘Apply end date’ by ticking the box.

i.e. 2% increase on DVD for from Dec 1 until Dec 7.

This would mean you would set the date and time at Dec 1 00:00 and apply end date on Dec 8 at 00:00 – which means the commission will be back to default at the start of 8th of December.

4. There is an option to choose whether the increase would affect all publishers or selected publishers. Please ensure you have confirmation from the client which publishers are affected of the commission changes.

5. Then pick which level the commission change will affect.

This will then open ‘Group Names’ and pick which Commission group you would like to increase.

6. Type in the new commission rate: you pick whether its Fixed or Percentage

7. The confirmation page will show up – please review the changes before finishing.


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