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What is the publisher newsletter?

Our publisher newsletter is a weekly periodical that is emailed to our subscribed publisher base (currently around 45,000 publisher s). Inclusion in the publisher newsletter is an excellent way for our advertisers to promote their programme to current and new publisher s. Features include the latest new programmes, strong advertiser offers and promotions and an advertiser contact profile as well as news and tips from the network.

How do I get included in the newsletter?

If you have an offer you would like to communicate to our publisher s then getting involved couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is complete this form.

Required fields:

  • Programme ID
  • Programme/brand name
  • Offer title
  • Offer description (Max 100 words)
  • A link to further information (ideally a post on TheHub)
  • Offer end date

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Things to consider

Deadline for submission

Newsletters are created and sent on Mondays. Please ensure that you have supplied any offer content for each week’s newsletter by 10:00 on Monday morning. Promotions are accepted throughout the week but those received after the Monday deadline will be considered for the following week’s newsletter instead.


To make sure that your promotion stands out from the rest remember to keep your copy concise and dynamic. A snappy title will grab attention (there’s no need to include you brand name here again). For the main copy, 80-90 words looks best when added to our newsletter template. If you are struggling for copy try reminding your publisher s of your programme or brand USP's.

Directing to further details

With only 80-90 words to grab publisher's attention, it’s difficult to include all offer details in your newsletter copy. We strongly recommend posting your offer to TheHub as well, and supplying a link to this post. This allows us to direct publisher s from the newsletter to further information about your brand and the promotion, including Ts&Cs.

Changes to commission

There are many different incentives or offers that you could consider running and promoting through the newsletter. Commission increases are a popular incentive and you are able to easily increase your commission within your account. If you do run a commission increase incentive, please be aware that you must get in touch with your account contact when decreasing commission back to the original level. This is so we can implement the commission decreases to all your existing publisher s, otherwise the change you make in your account will only affect new publisher s joining the programme.

Frequently asked Questions

How does my offer become a Featured Promotion?

Each week, we select the strongest promotions that have been submitted to appear in the newsletter. This usually means that the offer should include a commission increase, publisher competition, performance incentive or exclusive consumer discount. The Web Content Manager has final say on which promotions are selected.

How are the top Advertiser of the Month, Offer of the Week and Editor’s Pick placements chosen?

Only exceptional, month-long promotions will be chosen to feature in the Advertiser of the Month section of the newsletter. To secure this placement an offer must be a cut above the rest and be exceptionally appealing to publisher s, for example, a prize draw to win a holiday, or a large commission increase. Offers in this placement appear in multiple newsletters (4/5 depending on the number of Mondays in the month of promotion).

Offer of the Week and Editor’s Pick should represent the best promotions available to publisher s, but these rotate on a weekly basis. They are given a primary location on the newsletter page and also promoted in publisher s’ accounts within the interface. The Web Content Manager has the final say on which advertisers appear in all of these top slots.

How are the New Advertisers organised?

There are twelve spots at the top of the newsletter for the logos of recently launched programmes. These are listed in reverse chronological order basted on launch date and time.

Do I have to pay to be featured?

No. Unlike some newsletters, you do not need to pay anything extra to appear in the Awin weekly publisher email. We do not charge our clients for any space in any of our newsletters or for use of [ TheHub].

Why is my promotion not in the Newsletter?

There are a few reasons why a promotion might not get in to our newsletter. Space is very limited so only the most attractive offers will find themselves on to the page. If you would like to discuss what makes an attractive promotion, then do not hesitate to contact either our Account Development team or the Web Editor.

Can I see examples of past newsletters?

Yes. We archive recent publisher newsletters on our wiki here and you can see what publisher see by visiting the newsletter page on TheHub

Who do I contact about the newsletter?

For general queries concerning the Newsletter you can contact the web content team directly at For any technical issues about the Newsletter please contact Technical Services at If you would like help and advice on organising a promotion please contact the Account Development team at


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