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1. Day to Day Account Optimisation

• Affiliate approvals

• Validations

• Product feed alerts

• Transaction queries (ad hoc)

• Voucher Code alerts

All of the above will be shown in the ‘to-do’ bar on your account homepage, as per the screen shot below, as and when they arise.

Key things to consider:

• Banners – please ensure you overwrite out of date banners. DO NOT delete them as this will leave an empty space/dead link on the site of any publisher using your banners. It’s a good idea to refresh every quarter with new creative, seasonal promotions etc. It may be useful to check out our Advertiser Banner Guide.

• Discount vouchers – upload any general voucher codes into your account under ‘My Offers’. These will be accessible to all publishers on your programme.

• Validate pending commissions as often as possible

• Monitor new publishers joining the programme and approve as regularly as possible.

2. Communications Strategy

Full communication guide can be accessed here. We would recommend regular contact (at least once a fortnight) with any new deals / products / best sellers etc.

News Manager

This is a great way to communicate with all or some of the publisher s that are signed up to your programme. If you want to communicate with a select few publisher s, then you can use their publisher ID to do so (as shown below).

TheHub - http://hub.awin.com/wp-login.php

TheHub is visible to all publisher s on the network so is an ideal place to shout about any incentives/offers/promotions etc. Whether you have a consumer focused competition, commission increase or voucher/discount codes to promote, this tool is a great way to get your programme noticed. Also, TheHub is a really effective recruitment tool so always ensure that you include a link to sign up to the programme (this can be found in the Communications and Coding guide attached).

Affiliate Newsletter

The publisher newsletter gets sent out every week to all publisher s on Awin. Inclusion in this is an excellent way to get your programme promoted to current and new publishers. Features include an introduction to the latest new programmes and advertiser offers/promotions which contain ‘Advertiser of the Month’ and ‘Offer of the Week’. The publisher newsletter section can be located under 'Links and Tools' within ‘Communications’ within your account. Here you have the opportunity to submit any strong offers that you wish to be considered for the next newsletter. You could also feature in this by completing a Advertiser Profile Questionnaire – If you would like to do this please contact your Account Manager and they will supply you with some questions to answer.

Ideas and Considerations

- Direct engagement with top tier publishers to arrange promotions and extra exposure.

- Programme wide publisher incentive to encourage new publishers – this can be communicated through the various methods outlined above


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