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Installing & Using the Desktop Alert

This tool is only accessible for existing users, unfortunately we no longer offer this service for new users

We understand that many publishers wish to monitor the amount of commissions they receive a day in real-time.

That’s where the Desktop Alert comes in, it delivers only the most important information direct to your desktop without the need to login to the Awin account.

It appears:

  • Each time you generate a commission.
  • Whenever there is important network news, such as high profile programme launches.

The desktop alert icon that sits in the system tray (located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) also gives you a one-click automated login access point to your Awin administration area.


Firstly from your publisher Interface, you would select:

  • Desktop Alerts
  • This would take you to the Desktop Alerts Page.
  • On the corner to the right hand side you will now see the following box, which simply by clicking on the icon will begin a download of the application:


From the pop-up box that follows please select Save File and then select a relevant location on your computer to install the application file to.


Now that the alert has finished downloading you’ll want to open it up. Navigate to the place where you downloaded the file e.g. My Computer (shown below) and double click the application file to begin the installation process.


If a pop up displays on your screen, please select Run:


The Installation Wizard will then begin:


From here, please do the following:

  • Click Next
  • Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box
  • Choose the folder on your computer to install the files in (normally default is applicable)
  • Then click Install

From here you will see the following screen, telling you that the installation has finished:


You can choose to run the desktop alert, by ticking the checkbox.

Running and Initial Setup

When run for the first time, you will see three components appear on your desktop:

  1. A welcome box
  2. A Standard Awin alert icon (the main hub of information)
  3. A new icon in your system tray (the secondary hub of information)


To set this up for the first time, please do the following: Click OK to go through the welcome box information which will include tips for using the alert.

You will then be prompted in the welcome box to enter your username and ID.

NOTE: This is different to your standard login credentials, if you refer back to the page on your Awin interface ‘Desktop Alerts Page’, you will find your specific login credentials for the alert on that page.


Please enter these credentials into the welcome box user ID and password fields respectively and then click on Submit.


You will then receive a prompt confirming a successful setup, or an initial status update.


Live Updates

Awin’s desktop alerts deliver only the most important information direct to your desktop.

The alert appears each time you generate a commission and whenever there is important network news, such as when a high profile programme launches.

Extra Facilities

  • The ability to see the last 5 messages in a shortcut archive (right click icon + message history)
  • The ability to check for messages which filtered through when you were not signed in (right click icon+ check for messages)
  • The ability to turn sound on and off (right click icon + options > tick checkbox)
  • Login into main publisher account without having to type in interface credentials (right click icon + Log in to account))


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