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Link Builder

The Link Builder allows publishers to create advertiser deep links to specific product or category pages, whether or not the publisher is joined to an advertiser.

How to create a deep link?

In order to create a deep link, please do the following:

      1. On the navigation menu, go to “Links and Tools”
      2. Click on “Link Builder”
      3. Select an advertiser from the drop down list whose products/links you are creating a deep link with.
      4. In the “Destination URL” inset the link which you have copied from the advertiser’s site, where you want to redirect your users to.
      5. Choose a format between URL or HTML
      6. If you have chosen HTML, you can:
          a. Select the specific “Link Text” you want to be displayed to your users
          b. The behavior of the link on click. Please choose if you want the deep link to open the advertiser’s page in a new or in the same window.
      7. In the “Your Deep Link” box, a deep link will be created for you based on the information you have input.

“Not Joined” Advertisers

Some advertisers allow publishers to promote them even when they are not joined to the program. In the case you are not joined to those advertisers, you will have the opportunity to select the advertiser using the option “Not Joined” and when a transaction occurs, an application will be send to the advertiser and you will be automatically joined to the advertiser. This is only possible with advertisers that allow publishers to promote their products even when no membership exists. By selecting “Not Joined” in the select Advertiser drop down, you will see which advertisers you can start promoting and visit their profile directly from the Link Builder page (click “Profile” and a new tab will open).

Why can I not create a deep link to my advertiser?

Some advertisers do not have deep linking enabled and, therefore, you are not enabled to create deep links to their website. If you are joined to any of these advertisers, you will still see the advertiser name in the select Advertiser drop down. Once you select one of these advertisers, you will see a warning message informing that the advertiser does not allow deep linking but you can get a link a tracking link to the advertiser homepage in the “Your Deep Link” box.

Click Ref

The "Click Ref" field is optional and you can leave this field blank. A Click Ref helps you to identify where the click was generated from. For example, you have used "AW" as a Click Ref for your deep link. When a visitor clicks on this deep link, you will be able to see "AW" under Click Ref column in your Reports (please see the Click References report in the Report menu).


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